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Evolutionary Transitions: Where the Past Meets the Future (A Case Study)
by Deva Green

In evolutionary astrology, there are times of great challenge and stress when we are confronted by transits that require us to let go of the past so that we can positively address the future. Astrologer Deva Green presents a case study of such a period of astrological transits and why such times are sometimes necessary for change.

Noel Tyl's Vocational Planning DVD7Noel Tyl's MasterWork Series, DVD 7: Vocational Profiling: The Midheaven Extension Process
by Noel Tyl
Picture this—You meet someone for the first time. Within a few minutes you ask the question that everyone asks when they first meet someone: “What do you do for a living?”

It seems like an easy question, but the answer is epic. By receiving an answer to that question you’ll have an idea of a person’s income level, their position in society, specialized language they may know, the type of home he or she can afford, their educational background, how much they can indulge their children, their potential for growth, and much more. That one question and its response gives you an instantaneous inside look into a person’s life. What a person does for a living affects all parts of that person’s existance.

And yet, many people are unhappy or unsatisfied with their jobs or work. This affects their lives and relationships with their spouse, their children, their relatives, and their friends. Helping a person discover their ideal job is beyond estimate in its service to others and is one of the most valuable services an astrologer can offer. In Vocational Profiling, the seventh volume of Noel Tyl’s Masterwork Series of DVDs, you’ll discover Tyl’s breakthrough technique—the Midheaven Extension Process—for helping a person discover his or her ideal job.

If you are not providing this service, this DVD will give you new skills that will allow you to provide more value to your clients by helping them discover the job that will make them happy, content, and a great earner.

Noel Tyl's Medical Astrology DVD8

Noel Tyl's The Matured Astrologer DVD9

Insights into Evolution Astrology, by Rose Marcus
Insights into Evolutionary Astrology
Edited by Rose Marcus

In the Stars- May 2012
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Reader's Top Picks - May 2012
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3. Astrology for Beginners
     by Joann Hampar

4. Astrology on the Cusp
     by Sally Cragin

5. Astrology of the Moon
     by Amy Herring

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