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by Amy Herring
Composite Chart Example

Most people are familiar with the concept of compatibility in astrology. "I’m an Aries, he’s a Cancer; are we a good match?" Person A’s astrological chart is then compared to Person B’s chart to determine how easy or difficult it will be to get along, understand each other, and have great sex. Then much giggling or moaning commences upon looking at each chart overlaid on the other. Once a relationship is established, for better or worse, it can seem to take on a life of its own! What you and another person create together can sometimes be very different from your own natures or even what you’d imagined the two of you would be like together. So how does one go about creating and interpreting a composite chart? Amy Herring, astrologer and author of Astrology of the Moon, explains.

Composite Charts, by John TownleyComposite Charts
by John Townley

Have you ever noticed that relationships seem to have a life of their own? There is something that comes into being between people when they form a close association, something that makes each person act in ways that are unique to that particular combination. We call it "chemistry," and it can be good or bad. But what is it? It is almost as if the relationship were a type of being with its own life and development.

In 1973, John Townley solved the problem once and for all when he introduced the method known as the composite chart. Here was the key that unlocked the secret essence of any relationship. Now, after more than 25 years of further research and experience, he returns to this remarkable system, with Composite Charts. This book is now the definitive book on astrological relationships.

Filled with example charts, Composite Charts presents fully developed interpretations of all the chart factors. This will provide a solid foundation for any astrologer who wants to shed light on human relationships.

Friends and Lovers Astrology Report

Venus Signs, by Jessica Shepherd
Venus Signs
by Jessica Shepherd

Psyche & Eros Astrology Report
Psyche & Eros Report
by Llewellyn

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