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Moon Time: Using the Moon to Understand Your Own Cycles of Life, Love, and Work
by Sally Cragin

Many of us are cognizant of the Sun's affect on our moods. Yet, a planetary object even closer to the earth affects our tides, our body rhythms, fertility cycles, even mood changes, and is seldom considered in conjunction with our moods. The moon has captivated poets, philosophers, songwriters, and lovers for millennia and is, by far, the most notable object in the night sky. Here, astrologer and author Sally Cragin details how the moon's phases and transits affect our moods and our lives.

Astrology of the Moon, by Amy HerringAstrology of the Moon
by Amy Herring

Your moon sign represents your emotional nature and lights the way toward profound spiritual growth. With Astrology of the Moon, you can identify and better understand your core emotional needs, learn to fulfill them, and make positive choices for a more rewarding, spiritually enriched life.

Illuminating the natal and progressed moon relationship, this information-packed astrology book explains the moon's powerful energetic potential in relation to the signs, houses, planets, and aspects. In an easy-to-use "cookbook" format designed to help you quickly look up your moon sign, Amy Herring reveals your ever-evolving emotional needs when it comes to love, family life, spiritual health, career planning, and more.

You will also find many practical activities and ideas to maximize your creative potential and fulfill your essential needs so you can create happiness at every stage of life.

Llewellyn's 2013 Moon Sign Book

Lunar Nodes, by Celeste Teal
Lunar Nodes
by Celeste Teal

Noel Tyl's The Moon: Inside and Out

In the Stars- November 2012
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Reader's Top Picks - November 2012
1. Eclipses
     by Celeste Teal

2. Tarot & Astrology
     by Corrine Kenner

3. Mapping Your Travels & Relocation
     by Maritha Pottenger &
     Kris Brandt Riske, M.A.

4. Saturn Cycles
     by Wendell C. Perry

5. Astrology for Beginners
     by Joann Hampar

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