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Dancing with Mercury, Backwards: Do More Than Just Survive Mercury Retrograde
by Lisa McSherry


Three times a year, the planet Mercury goes retrograde for twenty-one to twenty-three days, and that "backwards" energy influences things on Earth in ways both subtle and gross. The planet isn't really moving backwards, but it appears to be because of the planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of Earth in relation to the other planets in our solar system. All the planets experience retrograde periods, but the one that gets the most attention is Mercury because its impact is the most noticeable in our modern world.

Having just completed one period of Mercury Retrograde, and looking forward to the next, how can we more fully embrace these periods and do more than simply survive Mercury Retrograde?

Astrology for Writers, by Corrine KennerAstrology for Writers
by Corrine Kenner

Enhance your storytelling with the cosmic drama  of the stars

The nighttime sky has inspired writers and astrologers alike to spin stories on the strands of starlight. Discover that inspiration for your own creative writing in Astrology for Writers, the essential guide to understanding the core concepts of astrology—the planets, signs, and houses—and discovering how they correspond to the elements of fiction.

Unleash your creativity with a wide range of ideas that help you add astrology to your writing practice. Learn how to use the planets for characters, the signs of the zodiac for plot and themes, and the houses of the horoscope for settings. Develop unique characters based on mythic archetypes, use astrological imagery and symbolism for your descriptions and dialogue, and put theory into practice with writing prompts and examples. Invite the gods and goddesses of astrology to enter your writing and share their stories through you.

Tarot and Astrology, by Corrine Kenner
Tarot and Astrology
by Corrine Kenner

Noel Tyl's Masterwork DVD Series, DVD 7

Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, Edited by Rose Marcus
Insights into Evolutionary Astrology
Edited by Rose Marcus

In the Stars- November 2013
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