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Communicating Love After Sex: A Honeymooner's Guide
by Olivia

Love After Sex, by OliviaWhether you are just falling in love or you're a newlywed who still hasn't come down to earth after the honeymoon, it's essential to learn the fine art of communication.

Many times, when lovers hear how important communication is in keeping love alive, their eyes glaze over. They seem to think communication is simply not sexy. Oh, how wrong they are! When you do it right, the rewards are definitely sexy. Good communication leads to a feeling of security with each other, which leads to a feeling of belonging to each other, which leads straight to the bedroom.

In this article Olivia details how to keep the love alive...after the sex.

October New Releases and Notable Titles
Runic Astrology by Donald TysonRunic Astrology
by Donald Tyson

What will the runes spell for your life?

Get ready to experience a powerful tool of divination—a reliable and fun system that combines astrology and runes. In this book, popular author Donald Tyson offers his unique approach to chart casting while utilizing these ancient oracle methods. This convenient and effective divination tool allows you to cast charts any time, without having to know birth time or birth place.

Explore the history, meaning, and significance behind each of the twenty-four German Futhark runes and discover their raw, elemental power. See how the placement of the runes can be favorable or unfavorable, depending on their positions and how they correspond to elements of astrology. Step by step, you will learn to assemble the tools you need, and how to cast and interpret a chart so you can divine answers to all of your important life questions, predict future events, and gain insight into yourself and your loved ones with amazing accuracy.

Simple to use and interpret, Tyson’s unique astrology chart, rune dice, and cards are the foundation for one of the most precise forms of divination known. With clear instructions for creating your own rune dice and cards, and helpful advice on giving readings, Runic Astrology invites you to go beyond the stars to achieve deeper, more multi-layered analyses of an astrology chart than ever before.

Saturn Cycles, by Wendell C. Perry
Saturn Cycles
by Wendell C. Perry

Evolutionary Astrology, by Deva Green
Evolutionary Astrology
by Deva Green

Pluto, by Jeff Green
by Jeff Green

In the Stars- October 2009

Reader's Top Picks - October 2009
1. Llewellyn's 2010 Astrological

     by Llewellyn

2. Llewellyn's 2010 Daily Planetary

     by Llewellyn

3. Llewellyn's Complete Book of

     by Kris Brandt Riske, MA

4. Solar Arcs
     by Noel Tyl

5. The Sabian Symbols & Astrological

     by Blain Bovee

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