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The Bright Beams Of The Fixed Stars In Your Astrological Chart
by Isabelle Ghana

Stars have an alluring and entrancing fascination for us, but the fixed stars are much more than a bright light to gaze at in the evening and make wishes on. Fixed stars are potent additions to your astrology chart and can add a lot of information to your chart reading, once you know what they mean and what to look for.

Aspects, by Robin AnteparaAspects
by Robin Antepara

Planetary aspects—the dynamic relationships and energy exchanges between planets—can influence birth charts in profound ways. Picking up where sun sign astrology leaves off, aspects open up new dimensions in understanding how the stars affect us.

This innovative guide challenges the conventional notion that certain planetary relationships (squares, oppositions, and conjunctions) are "bad," while harmonious ones (sextiles and trines) are "good." Using plain language, Robin Antepara explores both types and explains how each is important. Her down-to-earth, lively approach includes many case histories of famous people, ranging from historical figures to celebrities. Readers will learn how Princess Diana alchemized a square between Venus and Uranus and about Martha Stewart's problematic trine between the Sun and Mars.

Aspect Patterns, by Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D.
Aspect Patterns
by Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D.

Houses, by Gwyneth Bryan
by Gwyneth Bryan

Astrology, by Kevin Burk
by Kevin Burk

In the Stars- October 2012
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