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Have you ever wondered if that coin on your path or the butterfly on the ledge outside your window is a sign? It feels like it may be, and a little inner voice tells you it is, but how can you be sure? Sherrie Dillard, author of the new Sacred Signs & Symbols, illustrates four ways we can identify the sacred signs and synchronicities in our lives.

Sherrie Dillard, Author of Sacred Signs & Symbols

"Everyone receives signs, even if they are not aware of them. Most of the time all it takes to become aware of sacred signs is the intent and desire to receive them."


- Sherrie Dillard
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Thankfully, few of us in modern times have had a dead chicken left on our doorstep or found a wax doll pierced with pins, containing strands of our hair, wrapped in red cord and hidden under the sofa. However, sending ill-wishes or curses through an object is still very common. We may receive the artifact unexpectedly, even as a gift. So, how can we protect ourselves from cursed objects? Cassandra Eason, author of the new Everyday Psychic Defense, provides ways to recognize cursed objects, how to cleanse them, and spells to protect ourselves from their negative energy.



  Ways to Recognize and Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Do you question if psychic abilities are real, and truly exist? You may even doubt the validity of intuition. But, chances are, you actually do know, even if it's buried deep down, that psychic abilities are indeed real and you've probably even had some of your own psychic experiences. Melanie Barnum, author of the new Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development, provides ways that, in fact, they can be developed.



  3 Ways to Make Magic Work Better

Spells are a challenging subject for many. Spellcraft is often a mystery, even for people who know a lot about subjects like divination, altered states, and ritual. The truth is, there are simple, accessible principles that will make your magic rewarding, powerful, and fun. Here, Deborah Lipp, author of the new Magical Power for Beginners, presents three of them.



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New Releases


The Coelbren Alphabet, by John Michael Greer

The Coelbren Alphabet

by John Michael Greer



Everyday Psychic Defense, by Cassandra Eason

Everyday Psychic Defense

by Cassandra Eason


Magical Power for Beginners, by Deborah Lipp

Magical Power for Beginners

by Deborah Lipp

Sacred Signs & Symbols, by Sherrie Dillard

Sacred Signs & Symbols

by Sherrie Dillard


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