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Interdependent Happiness
by David Pond - December 2008

Happiness isn’t what it used to be, but then again, we are not what we used to be, either! We are evolving and realizing more of our human potential. That is not an easy statement to back up with all the evidence of collapse and chaos that has been with us since the start of the century. But what is really going on? In the big picture we are evolving into the oneness of the family of humanity. We’re not there yet (far from it), but the handwriting is on the wall: we are going to have to solve our global problems as a global family. It is humanity itself that must rise to save humanity. The interconnectedness of our issues is becoming apparent at all levels: economic, environmental, energy, and food issues are all forcing us to deal with situations outside of ourselves that are impacting our own well-being.

The wound of humanity is rooted in our lack of understanding of the interdependency of all life and thus far, humanity has demonstrated a tremendous lack of humanity towards humanity. We have been like cells in the same body fighting each other. Imagine your hand sneaking up and attacking your face! We need our visionaries to help us awaken to a larger understanding of how interconnected all of life is. Happiness in difficult times is hard enough to come by, but in this evolving global community, our happiness is ultimately interdependent within the world in which we live.

Is Being Happy Politically Correct In Tough Times?

These are tough times. Isn’t it rather trite to focus on happiness in such times of suffering? Tacky? Politically or spiritually incorrect? The question gets raised in discussions of happiness. The truth is that happiness is harder to come by at present because of all of the disruptive influences, but it is a wonderful tonic for these times! We are just starting a Saturn opposite Uranus Cycle that will happen five different times from November 2008 through the summer of 2010. This last occurred 1964-66 and was, as now, a time of tremendous upheaval of the status quo. The news here is to not look for solid ground for quite awhile, so if your happiness is based on waiting until things settle down again, you’re in for a long wait. It is better to find fleeting moments of happiness during these wild and crazy times.

There is a great affirmation of this intention:
"I do not need things to go right in order to be happy.
I do not need people to behave themselves for me to love them.
I am free!”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could sustain this liberated state? But it is most often a fleeting moment, like a whistle on the wind: there for a moment and then gone, swallowed up in the chaos of our times. This is unconditional love and happiness that doesn’t require everything to be just right with everyone around you for you to feel good. When we quiet ourselves to what we think we want and need, the pure joy of being will surprise you by its ability to take delight in that which is already there and free.

Hexagram #22 from the I Ching1, Grace, teaches the path of clarity within, quiet without: “This is the tranquility of pure contemplation. When desire is silenced and the will comes to rest, the world-as-idea becomes manifest. In this aspect the world is beautiful and removed from the struggle for existence.” This is the world of art, beauty, nature, the fleeting moments that they are, allow us to temporarily set aside our worries and bathe in the sweet glow of existence. This is grace.

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An Interview with David Pond, author of The Pursuit of Happiness
by Llewellyn

1. You’re an astrologer; you’ve even published other books about astrology (including Astrology & Relationships and Mapping Your Romantic Relationships). When did you become interested in the chakras? The Pursuit of Happiness

My interest in astrology and the chakras grew out of the same period of time for me. It was at the end of the 60s and start of the 70s. I was trying to find my way in all the traditional ways and was diligently working on becoming a teacher, yet something was missing. At this time my sister Lucy, a well-known astrologer in Seattle, did my first astrology reading, and I found an incredible tool to explore my inner world. From that launching I found Ram Dass’s book, Be Here Now, and in the back section there is a yoga series; the first time I tried it I said to myself, “I’ll be doing this the rest of my life.” This is a prophecy that has held true. This led me to the chakras, and again, as with astrology, I found a healthy model for exploring consciousness. I have studied quite a bit of psychology and see its value, but it does tend toward a pathological model of exploring human consciousness. That is why I love both the chakras and astrology as healthy maps for understanding the complexity that we are.

2. What exactly is the chakra system? For something we can’t see, why is it so important?

The chakra system is essential in how we receive universal life energy and make it available for all of the various human functions. We are energy, as all of life is energy, and the universal life force flows through us as it does all of life. The chakra system is our connection to this universal life force; it is how we receive this universal energy, how we store it, and ultimately express it back out into the universe. Each of the seven chakras governs a different aspect of the total human experience. The lower three deal with personal security, taste, and ambitions, while the upper three deal with spiritual and universal issues and our connections to them, with the fourth chakra being where they meet at the heart. It is so helpful to spend some time learning the various attributes of each of the chakras; it is not overly difficult (there are only seven). Then, when a problem or difficulty arises, you will recognize which chakra is out of balance and can learn what to do to bring it back into balance within yourself.

3. Your new book, The Pursuit of Happiness, approaches each chakra as a level of happiness. Why do we need to integrate our chakras for personal satisfaction?

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Mercury Retrograde: Above The Hype and Beyond The Spin
Marguerite Manning 
The very words "Mercury Retrograde" send most people into a tailspin. Every 88 days, the planet Mercury seems to drift backwards in the solar system, wreaking 21 days of havoc. Or so it seems. Astrologer Marguerite Manning, author of Cosmic Karma, thinks we should give Mercury Retrograde just a little more attention than hiding under the covers until Mercury goes direct again. With Mercury going retrograde on January 15, 2009, how will you take advantage of the situation?

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Setting a Clear Intention
by Katalin Koda
As the New Year approaches, our thoughts often turn to letting go of the old, making new plans, and forming New Year’s resolutions. The New Year is our chance to reinvent ourselves, to take stock of what we have experienced over the past year and what we hope to welcome in as the seasons turn. Katalin Koda, author of Sacred Path of Reiki, discusses how we can remain balanced and positive in these times of chaos.

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Seasons of Tarot: Yule
by Barbara Moore
Despite the decorations, parties, and gifts of the holiday season (or perhaps because of them), this can be a particularly trying and stressful time of year. During this season of darkness, it helps to be light. Barbara Moore illustrates how to use the Tarot to bring light to a season deserving of light.

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The Faeries of Yuletide
by Edain McCoy
While the Yule Log is smoldering in the fireplace, warming your house with its golden glow, casting dancing shadows on a sparkling Yule tree, the scene might not immediately evoke images of faeries. It should, however. Author Edain McCoy details just how these spritely guardians do not all hibernate in winter, and how they should be honored during these chilly months of warm celebration.

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Mercury Retrograde: Beyond the Hype and Above the Spin

Setting a Clear Intention

Seasons of Tarot: Yule

The Faeries of Yuletide

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Foundation. The chakra located in the base of the spine, just inside the perineum in men and below the cervix in women. This chakra contains qualities of survival, fear, and grounding. This chakra is used in Reiki Warrior to connect with the earth and ground the student.

From our viewpoint on earth, planets other than the Sun and Moon appear to back up at certain times of the year. They aren’t really moving backwards, but appear to do so in the the zodiac from an earthly perspective.

A card that represents the querent in a tarot reading.

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