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Is My Child Psychic? 10 Ways That Abilities Emerge
by Sara Wiseman - December 2010

There’s been a lot of talk about psychic and paranormal  kids in current movies, television, and books. The truth is, most kids today have intuitive and spiritual gifts! It’s a whole new kind of intelligence that lets children understand and process things differently—at school, with peers and at home. 

For parents, it can seem confusing. But once you understand what to look for, intuitive and spiritual gifts aren’t hard to spot. While these abilities may "cluster" differently in individual children, here are some traits to watch for:

  • Is your child highly sensitive or gifted?
  • Is he imaginative, creative, or a "right brain" thinker?
  • Does your child get the "vibe" of people and situations, even total strangers?
  • Is she affected by crowds or noisy places?
  • Does she sometimes say she’s been to a place before, even though you know she hasn’t?
  • Does he have an imaginary playmate, or say he hears voices?
  • Does she have a deep knowledge of her ancestors, and you’re not sure how?
  • Does your child say he sees ghosts?
  • Does she experience noises, flashes of light, or other unexplainable occurrences?
  • Is your child deeply attracted to animals, or has a "way" with them?
  • Does she feel an urge to put her hands on things to help or heal them?
  • Can your child see auras?
  • Does your child have especially vivid dreams?
  • Does your child understand the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and other Holy Ones, and you aren’t sure where she got the information?

If you answered yes to even a few of these questions, it’s likely your child has emerging psychic or spiritual gifts. It goes without saying that if you’re the parent or caretaker of a child who’s showing abilities like these, you’ll want more information—fast! But before we delve into the what’s and how’s of intuitive abilities, there’s something that you need to know. Basically: Psychic development and spiritual giftedness are the same thing.

In other words, if you head down the path of psychic development long enough, you’re going to become spiritually aware. And if you head down the path of spiritual practice long enough, you’re going to become psychic. That’s because both abilities stem from the same source—the Divine. You access them through Source/One/God/All/Love/Light—whichever name you choose to use. If you head down one road, you’ll eventually reach the other.

This applies to your child. And also to you.

Moving Beyond Labels
I get frustrated when I see quizzes meant to quantify psychic abilities in kids. There is more to the souls of our beautiful, glorious children than tallying points on how psychic or spiritual they are!

But more importantly, kids’ skills are developing as they grow. They might have one kind of psychic ability now, and a new ability next year. Once a child begins to open to intuitive abilities or spiritual knowingness, their abilities continue to open (and open, and open!) So where they are now may not be where they’re going to end up.

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An Interview with Sara Wiseman, Author of Your Psychic Child and Writing the Divine
by Llewellyn

1. The title of your new book is Your Psychic Child: How to Raise Intuitive & Spiritually Gifted Kids of All Ages. What brought you to this topic? Do you have an intuitive child of your own? Sara Wiseman

I’m mom to four kids, and they’re all intuitive and/or spiritually gifted. However, it took me a while to figure this out! I’m what I term an "adult emergent" psychic, which means that I wasn’t aware of my own intuitive abilities until adulthood, when they very suddenly just "opened." Think of a car going from zero to ninety in six seconds—that’s pretty much what it felt like: exciting, exhilarating, confusing, and not particularly comfortable!

It wasn’t until after my own abilities became "open" that I was able to see that my kids had these abilities as well, and as I started looking around, I realized that so did just about every child I met! This was fascinating to me, and I began research on Indigo kids and some of the other categories identified more recently. I soon found that even though this information was fairly new, in my own experience, much of it no longer seemed to apply. We’ve moved so quickly forward, in the space of only a few decades!

It’s an exciting time, and these new kids who are showing up are phenomenal—born psychics, born spiritually aware, remarkably well-grounded, and ready to use their abilities for good. It’s not just a few—it’s the majority of the children of today, especially those who have the luxury of being born into a country or place with adequate health and safety. To me, it marks a whole new evolutionary stage or mark for humanity—and I think we’d all agree, it’s arriving just in time!

2. It’s been said that all children are born with inherent psychic awareness, but that we often lose these skills as we age and as we learn of society’s dismissal of such gifts. Do you feel that this is the case?

No, I don’t think we lose these skills, but I do think we can block or repress them. Psychic abilities require high vibration—it’s a requirement, sort of like a car requires gas or electricity to power it. Without a high vibration, it’s pretty much impossible to do psychic or spiritual work. If, as children, we are nurtured and mentored as our psychic and spiritual abilities open, our vibration remains high, and our abilities flourish. If we are ridiculed or antagonized, we shut down.

In addition, the openness that comes from living as an intuitive being can be emotionally overwhelming. It’s not just about seeing departed spirits—most kids have an easy time with this. But sometimes, psychic kids see other situations that they don’t have the depth or maturity to deal with easily. Sometimes, seeing something too young, without proper adult mentoring, can cause kids to shut down.

While Your Psychic Child is about psychic kids, it’s very easy to become psychic as an adult. In general, all it takes to open the particular "window" of psychic and spiritual intelligence again, at any age, is simply the willingness to open that window. When I work with adult clients, the first thing we look at is fear from the past. Within one or two sessions, most clients can immediately open their abilities. As I explain in the book, once you know what to expect and how things work in the etheric realms, it’s not particularly difficult to learn how.

3. How can you recognize psychic gifts in a child?

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Nine Challenges of Being a Witch
by Amber K & Azrael Arynn K

Witches are different, and not just because we celebrate the Goddess and the Horned God under the full moon. The true Witch lives in a world apart from mainstream consciousness, thinks and perceives and feels differently about herself and the universe. Choosing or creating another way of life is a monumental, never-ending task. As we seek to understand what lies before us, Amber K and Azrael Arynn K, authors of the new book How to Become a Witch, identify nine major challenges facing those who have chosen the path of Witchcraft.

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Contact of the Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial Kind
by Philip J. Imbrogno

The number of men and women who claim to have encountered alien beings is growing, and hundreds (if not thousands) can be found in just the United States and Canada alone. While many of these individuals are likely in contact with nothing other than their own overactive imagination, others may well have had a true encounter with a being outside our known reality. Philip Imbrogno, author of Ultraterrestrial Contact, explores the truth to these encounters.

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The Astrological Signs: Twelve Passports to Past Life Awareness
by Bernie Ashman

Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has the potential to carry us back into past life memories and patterns. In the course of our lifetime, each of us will be asked by the universe to understand the basic nature of each sign. Why? Because each sign can act as a catalyst to stimulate your past life awakenings so that we in this lifetime can convert past life negative patterns into winning creative life directions. Bernie Ashman, author of Sun Signs & Past Lives, explains.

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Llewellyn Journal - December 2010

Nine Challenges of Being a Witch

Contact of the Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial Kind

The Astrological Signs: Twelve Passports to Past Life Awareness

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