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Addressing Toxic Relationships, Starting with Your Own Soul
by Cyndi Dale - December 2012

We've all been there. Maybe we are there, stuck in a toxic relationship. We perceive the other person as negative, pessimistic, troubled, and irritating. As much as we'd like to blame them for all the troubles, however, we know that we "let" them "trip" our button. It's like they are surrounded by a dark cloud that makes us cough not nice words right back at them.

It's one thing if we can avoid the person. Sometimes this isn't possible, especially if we're related to that special Pigpen (the character in Charles Schultz's cartoon strip, Peanuts, who is surrounded by a cloud of dust). What if our poisonous pill is a parent, sibling, child, co-worker, or even our spouse?

There are a lot of great books and systems featuring techniques for taking the sting out of our lethal interactions. After all, we really don't have to bite back. We can choose to leave the kitchen when our mother is criticizing our cooking for the umpteenth time (a common occurrence in my life as frankly, I can't cook peanut butter on celery). But, sometimes we can't seem to control our responses. When this occurs, we need to dig deeper into our psyche than perhaps we're used to. We must excavate our souls and transform ourselves.

As I explore in my book, Beyond Soul Mates, most relationships connect on the soul-to-soul level. Our soul is that part of us that travels through time-gathering experiences in order to learn about love. In the course of our interactions, we gain the ability to bond and care, to give and receive compassion. We also get hurt. This hurt becomes the basis of misconceptions about love, which lead to our participation in toxic relationships.

Think about it. How many dysfunctional beliefs do you think you hold in regard to love? Many of us suffer a deep sense of unworthiness or lack of deserving. Certain soul-based relationships trigger these inner sensations; these are the ones that feel toxic to us. These are the ones that drive us crazy. These are also the ones presenting us with a great gift, the chance to change our innermost and darkest beliefs so they reflect our true self, the essential self that knows it is lovable and deserving of love.

The basic process is simple.

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Back to Top - Author Interview - December 2012

by Llewellyn

1. Your new book, Our Children Live On, deals with stories of spiritual contact with children that have passed on. What inspired you to write such a book?

As a hospice nurse, I am passionate about bringing comfort, hope, and healing to the dying and the bereaved. The loss of a loved one is difficult to accept under any terms, but the untimely death of a child can be devastating. Children are supposed to outlive their parents and grandparents, at least that is what we were taught as children. But, what happens when this natural cycle of life and death is interrupted? Bereaved family members are forced to come to terms with a senseless world where none of the rules apply. These individuals desperately need to know that their beloved children live on. Nothing could be more powerful than the first-hand testimonials of bereaved individuals who have seen, felt, and experienced their deceased children from the other side. Remarkable experiences such as these are able to transform grief by serving as important beacons of hope for the bereaved. True, heartfelt stories contained within this moving anthology provide undeniable evidence that our children and loved ones in spirit live on.

2. Our Children Live On contains more than eighty stories and testimonials of communication with young loved ones that have passed. From where did you collect these

Over the years, I have met numerous bereaved parents and family members as a result of my first book, The Angel with the Golden Glow. This illustrated children's book was inspired by my youngest hospice patient, who woke me up within hours of his passing. I literally watched the story happen and wrote it down while being flooded with goosebumps. This beautiful story eventually became an illustrated children's book to help families through loss, especially the loss of a child. Amazingly, one little angel in heaven had shown me the way to meet other families whose lives had also been blessed by angels.

3. Your previous book, Miraculous Moments, also contains stories affirming life after death. Do you feel that bereavement is different when the deceased is a child?

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Three Ways to Find an Animal Totem
by Lupa

Any animal species that has ever existed has a totem, and we're not limited to just one animal totem. But how do we find our animal totem(s)? What if dreaming or guided meditation don't work? Lupa, author of New Paths to Animal Totems, provides three ways to find your animal totem.

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Crafting Reality: Using Perception to Create Change
by Michael Furie

A longstanding belief among magical practitioners is that perception creates reality, which is being proven by quantum mechanics and physics. What does that mean for our magic and our magical goals? Michael Furie, author of Spellcasting for Beginners, discusses why your perception of your own reality has a great deal of importance for your magical workings.

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Create Your Own Unique Yule Wreath

A Tarot Rite for Winter Mornings

Mulled Wine for Yule

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From the Cauldron Born, by Kristoffer Hughes
From the Cauldron Born
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Great Sex Made Simple, by Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson
Great Sex Made Simple
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Our Children Live On, by Elissa Al-Chokhachy
Our Children Live On
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Spellcasting for Beginners, by Michael Furie
Spellcasting for Beginners
by Michael Furie - Reader's Top Picks - January 2011

  1. Cunningham's Magical Sampler
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  2. The Long-Lost Friend
    Edited by Daniel Harms

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    by Adrian Lee

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