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Communicate with Your Loved Ones in Spirit
by Patrick Mathews & Kathleen Mathews - December 2014

Working with my brother and co-author, world-acclaimed Medium Patrick Mathews, has been quite a learning experience that has forged a wonderful path in my life. Every day I study the readings Patrick does and break down the meaning of those wonderful, thought-provoking messages from loved ones on the other side. I am able to witness firsthand not only how the weight of grief is taken off of the shoulders of those receiving the reading, but also how, once that wall of grief is broken down, love finds its way in, pushing through all the negatives that can occur during the passing of a loved one, and hitting the heart like a light shining from the heavens!

The one constant we all strive for in life is love, and I can assure you that love is also the constant that bridges this world and the next. People tend to think of love as an abstract idea, when in fact it is a very physical, a very real thing. It not only makes you feel good and gives you the assurance that you are cared for, but it actually nourishes your soul. It is what you take with you when you pass over and it continues to grow from the other side.

Grief Can Rob You of Connections
When one of our loved ones passes, we will naturally grieve the loss. It is the physical loss, the loss of a touch, the loss of speaking to our loved one and hearing them answer, and knowing that we will never be able to hold that person again in this life that is so hard for most people to accept. Patrick and I try to teach people that our perspective of the "physical," yes, has changed at the time someone passes, but that the love bond grows even stronger without the limitations of the physical body. Yes, it is true: your loved ones can connect with you easier than ever before once the physical body releases the soul. All the senses—like touch, smell, sight—can still be achieved physically through our being aware of our loved one's presence near us every day.

We All Have the Ability to Communicate
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Back to Top - Author Interview - May 2014

by Llewellyn

1. Patrick, your new book, Everlasting Love, is the third book you've written about your gifts as a medium and helping people connect with their loved ones on the other side. When did you first recognize your intuitive gifts?

Everlasting Love, by Patrick Mathews & Kathleen Mathews

As I discuss in detail in my first book, Never Say Goodbye, I started to connect with those who had passed when I was a very young age, around the age of six. I didn't realize at that age that what I was experiencing then would eventually become my life's work; I just thought I was seeing a lot of ghosts around me and trying to scare Kathy at night by telling her so. The wonderful thing was that my parents did not discourage us from making those connections. We were brought up knowing that there is an afterlife and communication is certainly possible.

2. Kathy, in Patrick's previous two books, Never Say Goodbye and Forever with You, he also touches on the bonds of relationships not severed by death. Why is this topic so important to you both?

Because that is the crux of our work, to let people know that there is no death and all relationships continue. Whether between husband and wife, parent and child, or siblings, relationships do continue because life continues! We want the reader to know that the afterlife is just another part of life. It is where we continue to work, have fun, and take care of each other. Patrick shows in the examples of readings showcased in his books that we can learn so much from the life and death experiences of each other, and that they are lessons for all to gain from each journey. It is up to each individual whether or not they learn the lessons.

3. Do we all have the ability that Patrick has in communicating with our loved ones in spirit? Is it something we should be doing?

Some of us are more intuitive than others. Connecting with spirit comes easy for some and is a challenge for others; it really depends on your own ability and how much time and effort you want to invest. Keep in mind that your loved ones in spirit reach out to you every day in the form of signs, dreams, and thoughts, to name a few. The involvement by your loved ones in your everyday life is a part of their everyday life, as well. The more you recognize the connections, the more in touch you will be with them.

4. Kathy, Everlasting Love focuses more on relationships of a romantic nature, rather than familial or friendly. How are the stories of the bonds between loved ones and their partners who have crossed over similar or different from others you have encountered? Are they more intense, given the nature of the relationships? 

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5 Ways to Make Enlightenment Work in Everyday Life
by Catherine Dowling

Many of us experience moments of enlightenment—41% of us in fact, or so a 2002 Gallup poll tells us. Enlightenment is that state of radically expanded awareness where the boundaries of our individual self melt into a blissful union with the life force. But no matter how wonderful our period of radical awareness is or how long it lasts, it passes. We may be transformed by it in some way, but the life we return to is not. So how do we put radical awareness—enlightenment—into practice in our daily lives? Catherine Dowling, author of the new Radical Awareness, presents five ways to make enlightenment work in our daily lives.

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The Goddess and the Priestess: The Archetype of the Powerful Woman Realized
by Sonja Sadovsky

The Priestess and the Pen author Sonja Sadovsky has been enamored with the image of successful women who overcame adversity to create something new, both in fiction and in reality. And, more often than not, magic played a part in these images of Goddesses and Priestesses. Here she discusses her motivation for writing her new book and the desire to see today's dreams become tomorrow's reality.

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Creating a Plan for Spirit Communication: A Topic of Pagan Activism
by Alexandra Chauran

What is possible after death? Will you be able to talk to your loved ones after you die? Will you be able to help your loved ones? Alexandra Chauran, author of the new How to Talk to Me After I'm Gone, explains the beauty—and benefits—of creating a plan for spirit communication, and proposes that it become a topic of Pagan activism.

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Everlasting Love, by Patrick Mathews & Kathleen Mathews
Everlasting Love
by Patrick Mathews & Kathleen Mathews

How to Talk to Me After I'm Gone, by Alexandra Chauran
How to Talk to Me After I'm Gone
by Alexandra Chauran

Merlin Stone Remembered, by David B. Axelrod, Carol F. Thomas, and Lenny Schneir
Merlin Stone Remembered
by David B. Axelrod, Carol F. Thomas, & Lenny Schneir

The Priestess and the Pen, by Sonja Sadovsky
The Priestess and the Pen
by Sonja Sadovsky

Radical Awareness, by Catherine Dowling
Radical Awareness
by Catherine Dowling - Reader's Top Picks - December 2014

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