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Expanding Your Magickal Practice
by Melanie Marquis - February 2014

When we do the same sorts of magickal spells again and again, in the same style and with the same techniques we always use, it's easy to fall into a comfortable groove and stay there, no longer progressing, no longer moving forward along the magickal path. If you want to avoid this trap and guarantee that your magickal journey stays fresh and exciting, seeking out new ideas and new challenges is imperative. Luckily, there's a whole world of magick out there with which to fuel the fire.

People around the globe practice magick, and it's been that way for thousands of years. By incorporating into your own practice some of the time-honored magickal techniques and traditions from the world's diverse cultures, you're able to tap in to a wealth of built-up power and potential that can be used to expand your practice while enriching your rituals and making your spellwork more effective. Knowing how to mesh the old with the new can be tricky, though, and mixing elements from different cultures can be contradictory and a bit diluted if you're not sure what you're doing or why you're doing it. Melanie Marquis, author of A Witch's World of Magick and The Witch's Bag of Tricks, discusses why understanding and incorporating folk magic from around the world can have a profound effect on your spellcasting.

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Back to Top - Author Interview - February 2014

by Llewellyn

1. Your new book, A Witch's World of Magick, covers Pagan and magical traditions the world over. What inspired such a diverse collection?

Melanie MarquisI love researching folklore and magickal traditions, and I find it fascinating that there are so many commonalities in magickal practices and techniques from around the world, from different cultures and in different time periods. I wanted to highlight the fact that even in our great diversity lies principles of magick that could arguably be called universal, so I made a point of including a broad selection of magickal practices from each of the world's populated continents to help illustrate that and to inspire further thought and research on the part of the reader.

2. You are quite active in the Pagan community, from the United Witches global coven (of which you are founder) and Denver Pagans to writing for Llewellyn’s almanacs and other Pagan and metaphysical publications. How did your magical journey begin?

I was blessed with a magical mother, and from my early childhood onward she taught me how to do things (like affect the weather using visualization and concentration) and played little games with me to help nurture my psychic skills. As I got older, when I was around ten, she started teaching me how to read tarot cards and also how to communicate with the dead using a spirit board. But, I didn't discover witchcraft per sť until I was fifteen years old. I found a copy of Scott Cunningham's The Truth about Witchcraft Today in the very hidden, very limited "Paranormal" section of a local bookstore in the small town in Georgia where I lived at the time, and after that, it was on! I finally had words to describe what I did and what I felt, and my eyes were opened to the fact that I wasn't alone, that there were other people that did this stuff, too!

3. Your previous book, A Witch's Bag of Tricks, also presented ways to enhance a magical practice. How do you cultivate your ideas to enhance your magical practice?

It usually starts with a need, or a curiosity. I'll get an idea of something I want to do, or I'll have a question about how something works, then from there I have to figure out how to best go about it, how to work the magick or test the magick or whatever it is I have in mind. And that's the fun part! I like to base my practices off tried-and-true methods, but I also like to adapt techniques to make them more personal and better suited to my own beliefs, needs, and environment. It's challenging, and I never quite manage to figure things out to my satisfaction, but the challenge is what helps us grow and learn in the magickal arts, so I love it!

4. How can readers integrate new ideas from other customs into their own magical practice?

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3 Tips to Make Better Choices for the New Year
by Djuna Wojton

We've ushered in a New Year, and with it comes an opportunity to make a fresh start. You have probably made your list of resolutions for the coming year with renewed optimism, but creating positive changes can be challenging. Here, Karmic Choices author Djuna Wojton provides three tips to help you achieve your goals—no matter what they may be.

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Embracing Spiritual Gifts and the Mystery of the Paranormal
by Jodi Foster

In the year 2000, a haunted apartment was a catalyst to reawaken the spiritual and intuitive gifts of author Jodi Foster. In her search for answers, she not only uncovers the haunting story of Madeline Isabella Johnson—but her own gifts as well. Discover the story behind Forgotten Burial, Madeline Isaballa Johnson, and Jodi herself.

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Restoring the Enochian Heptarchia
by Aaron Leitch

The Heptarchia (seven-fold rulership) is the name given to the Enochian system of planetary angel magick. Dr. John Dee and his scryer Edward Kelley left behind journals outlining the names of the Heptarchic angels, their appearances and functions, sigils, and even a grimoire. However, the information for these angels is incomplete and even a bit puzzling. Here Aaron Leitch, author of The Essential Enochian Grimoire, sets about restoring the Heptarchia so it can be fully used for angelic invocation.

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Ritual: An Imbolc Celebration

The Horoscope Spread

Noticing the Ever-Present Abundance - New Releases - February 2014

Forgive and Be Free, by Ana Holub
Forgive and Be Free
by Ana Holub

Forgotten Burial, by Jodi Foster
Forgotten Burial
by Jodi Foster

Heal Yourself with Angels, by Patricia Papps
Heal Yourself with Angels
by Patricia Papps

Karmic Choices, by Djuna Wojton
Karmic Choices
by Djuna Wojton

A Witch's World of Magick, by Melanie Marquis
A Witch's World of Magick
by Melanie Marquis

The Wizard and the Witch, by John C Sulak, Oberon Zell, and Morning Glory Zell
The Wizard and the Witch
by John C. Sulak,
Oberon Zell & Morning Glory Zell - Reader's Top Picks - February 2014

  1. Llewellyn's 2014 Astrological Calendar
    by Llewellyn

  2. Daily Enlightenments
    by Nathalie W. Herrman

  3. Supermarket Magic
    by Michael Furie

  4. To Walk a Pagan Path
    by Alaric Albertsson

  5. The Energy of Words
    by Michelle Arbeau

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