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by Bernie Ashman - February 2016

In my new book, How to Survive Mercury Retrograde (And Venus & Mars, Too), I emphasize that a retrograde planet can be used productively. A planet does not have to be moving in direct motion to get positive results. The backward motion of a planet through an astrological sign gets us to be more reflective and does, to some degree, slow down our reaction time to situations.

Many people are aware of the trials and tribulations that can come with Mercury retrograde periods. But what about surviving—and thriving—during periods of Venus retrograde and Mars retrograde? Below I offer a few tips from my new book.

Venus Retrograde
In chapter three of my new book I offer survival tips to better get a handle on Venus retrogrades. Survival Tip 1 for surviving a Venus retrograde period is to "Embrace Your Decisions." The tendency to obsessively weigh decisions during a Venus retrograde can cause indecision, and it is vital during a Venus retrograde to stay focused regarding key decisions. It is very possible during a Venus retrograde to make clear choices. If you stay emotionally centered it is easier to follow through on a goal. You might need some encouragement from a friend or lover. Then again, you may decide to ignore what other people think and just please yourself.

What does the relationship-oriented Venus offer us when moving retrograde? If you are entering a new romantic relationship, it is wise to take it slow. You want to make sure you are entering a relationship that has everything you hope to find in the person. Keeping a relationship light is probably wise during a Venus retrograde. However, keep in mind that you could have met a great soul mate.

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Back to Top - Author Interview - February 2016

by Llewellyn

1. Your newest book focuses on how to survive periods of Mercury retrograde (as well as the retrograde periods of Venus and Mars). Why did you feel such a book was necessary?

Bernie Ashman I wanted to show that people can still be creative during retrograde cycles. Decisions can be based on clear mental thinking. It is true retrograde motion might require more patience and reflection, but this doesn't mean we can't be successful in launching a new plan of action toward a new goal. There has never been a book like the one I have just written on Mercury, Venus, and Mars retrogrades that guides a reader on how to successfully navigate these challenging cycles. I believe the book is needed to show that when planets are moving in retrograde motion they can be powerfully expressed. We don't have to let our fear of making a choice during a retrograde time period stop us from moving forward. Our intuition can get stronger when a planet is retrograde and inspire us to find the abundance we seek!

2. Is a Mercury retrograde period really something of which to be afraid?

My answer to this question is No. Mercury retrogrades occur three to four times a year and last for about three weeks. We can't bring our lives to a halt waiting for Mercury to turn direct. There is no reason to be afraid of a Mercury retrograde or any of the planets while they are in retrograde motion. Mercury retrograde is actually a good time to go back over the details and make sure you have your thinking straight. You can find it easier to make changes during this cycle that can turn out for the best. Be patient with yourself and others. If you need extra time to consider all of the options, then take it. If you don't try to make something too perfect you will be happier. Often your decisions will pay off that are made during a Mercury retrograde if you stay focused.

3. Are there things we should avoid doing during a retrograde period, or things that we should plan to do?

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Altar Design: Drafting the Plans for Manifestation
by Michael Furie

Traditionally, when performing magic, a practitioner has an altar of some sort on which to work. The altar, of course, can be anything from an elaborately carved table to a dresser top or even just a cleared section of kitchen counter. How can we make our altar design and layout maximize the power of our magical goals? Michael Furie, author of Spellcasting: Beyond the Basics, explains.

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More Than Fundamental
by Barbara Moore

In February 2015, Italian tarot publisher Lo Scarabeo created a Kickstarter campaign to turn the content created for a European publication called "Partworks" into a beautiful, comprehensive reference. The result? Tarot Fundamentals, a labor of love ten years in the making. Barbara Moore discusses.

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Chakras: What Would Science Say?
by Cyndi Dale

Chakras are everywhere. They are referenced in yoga and meditation. And, we know a lot about how chakras affect our lives. But how much do we know about the science of chakras? Cyndi Dale, author of the new Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras, explains how science explains our chakras.

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How to Begin the Process of Change
by Jenny Mannion

Simply hearing the word "change" can bring up resistance. We are taught from the beginning that change is hard, and we will sometimes resist change with all our might even if we know that what awaits on the other side would be much healthier for us. Knowing this, how do we begin the process of pursuing those goals that require change? Jenny Mannion, author of the new A Short Path to Change, provides 10 tips to get us started.

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Tarot Fundamentals
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