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by Stephanie S. Larsen - February 2017

Money is not the root of all evil, as we now know, once spirituality takes ahold of us. But once we have divested ourselves of this thought, where do we go next? Two of our chakras, the sacral (orange) and the heart (green) chakras, can help us understand and manage the flow of abundance in our lives. In this article, Discover Your Master Chakra author Stephanie S. Larsen explains why...and how.

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by Llewellyn

1. Your new book is Discover Your Master Chakra. What exactly is our master chakra?

A master chakra is your most powerful, dominant chakra. Each person has just one chakra that serves as their guiding light in this world. Many people find that their life purpose relates to the core goals of their master chakra, and knowing what it is opens up whole new worlds and ways for them to succeed in doing what they already know how to do.

2. Your book also discusses the seven soul-ray colors. What are these, and how do they correspond to our master chakra?

The reason why one chakra is more active than the rest is because it's connected to our soul-ray. Your entire life path is lived out of the deeds and wonders of one of the color-rays, which emanates from stars beyond our galaxy. The chakra called your master (as you are a master of it) simply hooks onto that ray of light. Therefore, it might not show up on an aura photo, but it can be seen and felt. Conventional astrology deals with the patterns that occur due to the position of stars from our own galaxy; it deals with personality. While the soul-rays influence personality, their total influence on us comes through our core motivations—what moves us to do as we do, and why.

3. How does knowing and understanding our master chakra—and those of our loved ones—help us in our daily lives?

Once you understand what your master chakra is, it will explain to you why you do some of the things you do, and you'll breathe a sigh of relief. You'll find yourself changing how you think about yourself, because you'll see yourself for the gifts you are. In like manner, once you start to understand why others do the things they do (and I mean on a soul-level, not just a reasoned-one,) it will come more naturally to you to treat them with kindness. You'll also be able to care for them more effectively, and communicate with them better, because you'll understand what main concerns really drive their behavior. You'll become more adept at maintaining a relationship with them. You'll be able to identify when they are in their gifts, and when they are in their traps (or over-ego.) This will help you navigate your world more smoothly.

4. Discover Your Master Chakra also includes many quizzes and exercises, and even a workbook. What is the purpose of the workbook?

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Confrontation with Evil, by Steven A. LaChance
Confrontation with Evil
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Discover Your Master Chakra, by Stephanie S. Larsen
Discover Your Master Chakra
by Stephanie S. Larsen

Ghosts of Country Music, by Matthew L. Swayne
Ghosts of Country Music
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Spirit Conjuring for Witches
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Tarot Experience, by Lo Scarabeo
Tarot Experience
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The Witch's Book of Shadows
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Zener Cards
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