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Discover the Ancient Secrets of the Freemasons
by Jean-Louis de Biasi - January 2011

In Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol, Freemasons are portrayed as a mysterious group of conspirators who have been secretly ruling America from its very creation. Of course, we have to remember that this is a fictional book, which uses certain elements of truth in a creative way in order to develop the storyline of the novel. 

Freemasonry is a very old fraternity that has members worldwide. At first glance, its secrets may seem very insignificant. Every single ritual has been published. In fact, anyone can go online and read the text of the ritual meetings or even get an outline of the "mysterious" initiations. It is true that some parts have been deleted from these public documents, such as secret passwords or signs. However, 0.4 seconds on Google will give you access to all this information; with a little effort, the most important secrets of this fraternity can be unveiled to anyone. Recognizing that all of its secrets have been published and are accessible to anyone, it is hard to understand how this fraternity continues to exist and grow. 

It is true that Freemasonry is a powerful and useful philanthropic fraternity. The local Masonic Lodges, as well as the Scottish Rite Lodges and the Shriners, work hard to provide charitable help to communities in many important areas: orthopedics, education, etc. They help those who cannot afford critical surgeries and treatments. The aid they provide to the poor and to children in need is essential work that really helps our communities. Yet Freemasonry claims to accomplish something more. They assert the existence of a spiritual secret, some kind of mysterious esoteric process that allows the apprentice to get in touch with his own spiritual self. This quest of the soul, the search for the "inner divine," begins during the initiation process and continues during the rituals that are practiced regularly in Masonic lodges.

From the time of the ancient Mysteries, initiatic Orders offered many different ceremonies that are capable of altering an individual’s state of consciousness. From a certain point of view, I may say that initiation is a "divine play." At the base level, initiation is a method that introduces symbols through ritual movements in order to act on the subconscious mind of the initiate. The ritual use of symbols causes the person to react psychologically: he begins to pay attention to the archetypes  present in his subconscious, and this activates the bond that attaches him to the spiritual and divine planes. If a properly carried out ritual can make you gain consciousness of your divine inner nature, then it is truly considered self-sufficient. However, the process cannot stop there, because this method does not work perfectly each time. The candidate is symbolically designated a "rough stone." Some stones will remain rough throughout their entire Masonic course. Indeed, it seems that some stones are not easy to polish. Is this the fault of Masonry and its rituals? Not entirely.

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An Interview with Jean-Louis de Biasi, Author of Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons
by Llewellyn

1. You are a 32nd degree Freemason; how did you initially become involved with the organization? Jean-Louis de Biasi

When you are as interested as I am in the Western initiatic Traditions, it is impossible to ignore Freemasonry. This is not the most ancient fraternity of its kind, but this is one of the few that has existed continuously worldwide (beginning in the seventeenth century) and is the only such worldwide Order. It is because of their history that I asked about initiation. I was initiated in 1990 in France, and became a Master Mason two years later. From that moment, I have been actively learning the symbolism, rituals, and practices of this respectable tradition. In fact, one of my main reasons for being initiated was to develop an inner understanding of the Masonic initiation. Our fraternity is well known here in America for its very effective philanthropic work in several areas. Yet, when you study the very ancient handwritten rituals from the South of France, as I did, you come to realize that there are valid esoteric teachings and practices in Freemasonry that can be used to work on your inner self and increase your personal awareness of the higher spiritual levels.

2. What made you want to divulge the secrets and practices of the organization?

First of all, I must say few words about the "secrets" of Freemasonry. As I wrote in my book Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons and in various other articles, the secrets have nothing to do with the words or signs you find on the Internet or in encyclopedia entries. The first and real Masonic secret is the inner intuitive understanding of spiritual principles that you receive during your initiation. You can certainly read these initiatic texts without being initiated, but only an initiation can cause the development of your inner self. The initiation is a real spiritual experience. Consequently, I can talk openly about this secret, I can even explain the process, but I can not reveal it because it is an individual and inner understanding. In the age in which we are now living, there are many uncertainties. I believe it is important to clearly demonstrate the existence of a spiritual and initiatic tradition that everyone can easily find in most states here in America.

It is also essential to explain to people who are interested in spiritual and esoteric practices that Freemasonry has integrated certain principles into its practices that were inherited from the Western School of Mysteries. These practices can be used even today with great success. Thus, I am not divulging the secrets and practices of Freemasonry. Rather, I am revealing some of the hidden parts of Freemasonry. This revelation is in harmony with the moral commitment required of every Mason.

3. The Freemasons are shrouded in secrecy; why is this? Why is sharing their secrets and practices with those outside the organization so unorthodox?

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How to Create Your Own Happiness
by Andy Baggott

"In what kind of world do you live?" Ask this question to two people living in the same area and you will most likely get two very contrasting answers. And, both of these answers are correct. We create our worldview based on how we interpret that which is in front of us, as well as that which is in our own imagination. And, as Andy Baggott, author of Blissology, explains, we can use these tools to create our own happiness in life.

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Prosperity's in the Bag: Using Gris Gris to Attract Financial Gain
by Jude Bradley and Cheré Dastugue Coen

Cultures worldwide have long incorporated small bags containing herbs, stones, and other sacred items as part of their belief systems, whether to ward off evil, protect them while traveling, or to attract positive elements into their lives. Cheré Dastugue Coen and Jude Bradley, authors of Magic's in the Bag: Creating Spellbinding Gris Gris Bags & Sachets, explain how to create such gris gris bags and imbue them with the power to attract prosperity.

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The Art of Choosing a Tarot Significator
by Susyn Blair-Hunt

Significators play a powerful role in Tarot readings. Not only do they identify a certain person, place or object, they can heighten the focus of the reader as well as the client when addressing the question at hand. But, choosing the best card to signify the main subject of one’s question can be challenging. Susyn Blair-Hunt, author of Tarot Prediction and Divination, provides some guidelines to identify which images of the Tarot will bring the greatest amount of focus to your readings.

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Llewellyn Journal - January 2011

How to Create Your Own Happiness

Prosperity's in the Bag: Using Gris Gris to Attract Financial Gain

The Art of Choosing a Tarot Significator

Llewellyn's 2010 Holiday Sale! Shop Now and Save! - New Releases - January 2011

Blissology, by Andy Baggott
by Andy Baggott

Geomancy for Beginners, by Richard Webster
Geomancy for Beginners
by Richard Webster

The Healing Wisdom of Birds, by Lesley Morrison
The Healing Wisdom of Birds
by Lesley Morrison

Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons, by Jean-Louis de Biasi
Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons
  by Jean-Louis de Biasi

Tarot Prediction & Divination, by Susyn Blair-Hunt
Tarot Prediction & Divination
by Susyn Blair-Hunt

The Un-Spell Book, by Mya Om
The Un-Spell Book
by Mya Om - Reader's Top Picks - January 2011

  1. Journey of Souls
    by Michael Newton, Ph.D.

  2. The Healing Power of Trees
    by Sharlyn Hidalgo

  3. Yule
    by Dorothy Morrison

  4. Magical Housekeeping
    by Tess Whitehurst

  5. Tarot 101
    by Kim Huggens

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