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Good Magical Hygiene: Essential Personal Energy Management for The Spiritually Gifted
by Tess Whitehurst - January 2012

One of the most interesting conversations I ever had was with a professional dancer who had been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder at a young age. She described how frightened and out of control she felt...until she discovered dancing. Then, her mind’s obsession with ascribing patterns to things, and her body’s compulsion to move in prescribed patterns, had an outlet, and while she still noticed symptoms occasionally, she finally felt comfortable in her own skin. Additionally, while she regularly practiced dancing to a degree that some might consider obsessive, she soon became quite happy in her life and successful in her chosen profession.

The main reason why this was so intriguing to me was because I quickly recognized a similar pattern in my own past. For many years my mood was a roller coaster of highs and lows. I generally felt dis-empowered and I alternated between anxiety and depression more often than not. In retrospect, I realize that it felt sort of like I was driving a car but I couldn’t see out the windshield.

Although I had been reading about and practicing magic and metaphysics for some time, a big turning point for me was when I cleared a bunch of clutter out of my apartment and suddenly felt so much lighter and more joyful. It was then that I experienced firsthand the connection between the seen and the unseen realms. I realized that the so-called "mundane" world and the so-called "magical" world were not separate, but two sides of the same coin.

Once that occurred, it wasn’t long before I looked at everything from both perspectives (energetic and physical) simultaneously, and constantly worked with the principle that seen and unseen realms are not only inextricably linked, but that they constantly interact with and affect each other. I began to put this principle into practice through things like space clearing and daily visualization rituals to clear my chakras and protect my energetic field (like the one below). I also went to feng shui school and began practicing feng shui and energy work professionally. During this time, my life momentum turned around and I began to feel more consistently happy, joyful, safe, and empowered.

So, after considering the dancer who had danced her way out of the most painful aspects of OCD, as well as my own personal healing experience, I started thinking: I wonder if what we call "mental disorders" could sometimes actually be latent talents? In other words, what if talents are like electric wiring, and until they are located, grounded, and properly directed, their power flies around our lives dangerously, creating unpleasant and challenging conditions in their wake?

Thinking back to a number of people I have known or encountered who suffered from things like anxiety and depression, or even more serious conditions like schizophrenia, this hypothesis began to make even more sense to me as I saw a pattern of especially creative, gifted, and intuitive people whose spiritual talents may have remained largely unfocused because they were devalued or overlooked.

As a result of all this philosophizing, I have concluded that for sensitive and spiritually gifted folks like us—and I can’t believe you would have continued reading this article for this long if you weren’t sensitive and spiritually gifted—consciously managing our considerable supply of spiritual energy is a must if we are going to feel happy, joyful, and empowered on a regular basis. Since it keep our energy clear and flowing in an ideal way while helping us manifest positive conditions in every area of our lives, I sometimes call it "good magical hygiene."

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An Interview with Tess Whitehurst, Author of The Good Energy Book and Magical  Housekeeping
by Llewellyn

1. Your new Good Energy Book focuses on good energy within the self, while your first book (Magical Housekeeping) focused on promoting good energy within your home. What prompted you to tackle the topic of personal "good energy?" Tess Whitehurst

While performing rituals and arranging my house in auspicious ways are really powerful activities and important aspects of my spiritual practice, the truth is, the energetic realm is all around us all the time, no matter where we are or what we are doing. Plus, the state of one’s own personal energy field has everything to do with one’s outlook, health, and life conditions. So, when we consciously live in both realms (physical and energetic) simultaneously, we can calibrate and harmonize our personal energy and the energy around us every day, on a regular basis. Years ago, when I discovered and started working with the ideas and practices in The Good Energy Book, my life, which had previously been characterized by a fair amount of anxiety and depression, changed profoundly—I began to feel consistently empowered and positive. Naturally, I wanted to share the practices that helped me get there.

2. Why is inviting good energy into our lives necessary? Isn’t it enough to have a positive outlook?

It really depends on the person. I find that when someone is naturally intuitive, compassionate, and spiritually tuned-in, that person is not only very energetically open, but also has a lot of spiritual power hovering around in his or her energy field. For people like us, inviting in the type of energy we desire, releasing the type of energy we don’t desire, and setting up good energetic boundaries can make all the difference between a good mood and a bad mood, or an exhilarating life experience and a disastrous one.

Of course, discord—and really this entire life experience—is more illusion than it is real. To illustrate what I mean, think of yesterday: where did it go? It’s nowhere. Like a hologram or a dream, it has dissolved and disappeared more completely than a cloud in a clear summer sky. Still, while we are in this present incarnation, our feelings and life conditions definitely seem real. When we are able to consciously connect with the realm of truth (AKA the Divine/God/Goddess/Love), and when we direct our intention toward the feelings and conditions we’d like to experience, we can flow with the illusion rather than against it, and perceive it in a much more pleasant and enjoyable way.

To bottom line it, the practices in The Good Energy Book can help us ground and protect our energy, regularly keep our minds focused and our outlooks positive, and more consistently manifest things like prosperity, synchronicity, and success.

3. The Good Energy Book includes a few chapters on clearing the clutter from our homes and the spaces around us. Why is this an important first step?

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Put Purpose into Raising Your Frequency
by Melissa Alvarez

There is a correlation between your frequency, the spiritual energy of your personal vibration, and the positive or negative things happening in my life. A higher inner frequency results in more positivity in life, while lower frequencies result in stressful, negative situations. How can we raise our frequencies to attract more positivity into our lives? Can we give ourselves a purpose, to attract certain things in our lives? Melissa Alvarez, author of 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, explains.

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Astrology on the Cusp
by Sally Cragin

Were you, or someone you know, born on the cusp of two astrological signs? Perhaps you feel torn between identifying with some aspects of one sign, other aspects of the other sign, and feel squeezed in the middle. Finding accurate horoscope information can be difficult for those born on the cusp; here Sally Cragin, author of Astrology on the Cusp, presents a brief overview of the quirks and gifts cuspy individuals are given.

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It's Hard to Keep a Good Vampire Down
by Brian Righi

For many of us, the mere mention of the word "vampire" evokes images of pale Romanian counts with thick Eastern accents, slicked back hair, and tuxedo suits complete with opera capes. Younger generations might instead picture handsomely brooding teenage vampires. But while we may not readily envision vampires as being real, flesh-and-blood creatures who feast on the blood of the living, these beliefs persist into the current day, the entire world over. Brian Righi, author of Vampires Through the Ages, explains.

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A Growing, Ghostly Intimacy
by Mark Spencer

Since moving into the Allen House, Mark Spencer (author of A Haunted Love Story) and his wife have encountered the spirits of Ladell Allen and her family. But rather than moving on once their secrets were revealed, the spirits of the Allens seem to be growing closer than ever to Mark and his family.

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Astrology on the Cusp, by Sally Cragin
Astrology on the Cusp
by Sally Cragin

Favole Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo
Favole Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

The Good Energy Book, by Tess Whitehurst
The Good Energy Book
by Tess Whitehurst

A Haunted Love Story, by Mark Spencer
A Haunted Love Story
by Mark Spencer

I Ching: Dead Moon Deck, by Lo Scarabeo
I Ching: Dead Moon Deck
by Lo Scarabeo

The Labyrinth Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo
The Labyrinth Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

Vampires Through the Ages, by Brian Righi
Vampires Through the Ages
by Brian Righi

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