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The Two-Way Umbilical Cord: Bonding with Your Baby Before Birth
by Shawn A. Tassone, MD - January 2014

There is a silent conversation born from the physical fusion between you and your baby during pregnancy—an unspoken communication that deepens as you journey together toward birth. The connection moves both ways: from you to your baby and from your baby to you. The process is sometimes called "entrainment," a term that means a close movement in synchronicity. Entrainment was discovered in 1665 by Dutch scientist Christian Hugans. He found that if he placed numerous pendulum clocks in the same room and started the pendulums at different rates, the clocks would soon synchronize and start moving to a single beat. Other experiments have been done to show that hearts beating near one another "entrain" and start beating at a single rhythm. The dynamic is so universally understood that jazz musicians use the term for the way that distinct and individual musicians will find their beats synchronizing together—creating one pulsing sound.

The synchronization of your heartbeat along with your baby's own heartbeat is just one of the ways in which you and your baby communicate before birth. That communication is an integral part of a spiritually-aware journey during pregnancy.

Visualize the umbilical cord as a telephone wire that connects two receivers—or as a cord between two tin cans in the old fashioned children's game. That communication goes both ways, and encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual connection. Although it is conducted in the language of love rather than words, it is powerful and profound. The domino effect of mother-to-child child chemical changes transmitted through emotion-borne hormones can also physically alter the state of your baby within the womb, after birth, and beyond.

"Prenates can see, hear, feel, remember, taste, and think before birth," says Luminare-Rosen, founder and co-director of The Center for Creative Parenting in Marin and Sonoma counties, California. Evidence for this fact is science-based.

In a 1984 study, French scientists found that babies less than two hours old responded more to their mother's voice than to the voices of five other, unfamiliar women. A separate study from Queen's University, Ontario, Canada in 2003 recorded the fact that sixty term fetuses showed spiked heart rates when their mother read a passage from a book, as compared to the same reading being carried out by the voices of outsiders.

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by Llewellyn

1. You are both board-certified OB-GYNs, yet you have trained extensively in homeopathic and integrative medicine (including two-year fellowships in integrative medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona). What drew you to integrative medicine?

Spiritual Pregnancy, by Shawn A. Tassone, MD & Kathryn M. Landherr, MDThe allopathic model currently neglects the spiritual and intuitive side of healing (and some may think it neglects healing in general). I think it is a journey that each of us has been on for many years, and we decided to incorporate the journey into our modes of practice by learning about alternative forms of healing. The program at the University of Arizona with Andrew Weil, MD was a wonderful place to learn about the vast aspects of integrative medicine from experts in the field. I think the two-year fellowship also opened us up to other training, like Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat Zinn and Mind Body Medicine training with James Gordon, MD.

2. Your new book is Spiritual Pregnancy. What inspired you to write this book?

It is similar to what drew us to integrative medicine in general: there is a missing piece of spirituality in the medical field. It also felt like there is no more a spiritual journey than that of pregnancy, where you have one foot in this world and one foot in the esoteric world of the hero's journey. Having another life growing inside of you, along with the aspects of a mother's intuition, were just too fascinating for us not to expand upon.

3. Spiritual Pregnancy details the "heroine's journey" (a play on the "fool's journey" of the tarot and Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey"), whereby each trimester correlates to a stage of the epic journey where emotional, spiritual, and physical connections heighten the awareness between mother and unborn child. Why is this journey important?

We think it's important for the pregnant woman to have a connection to the maternal archetype. The heroine's journey through pregnancy is a voyage whereby the woman leaves the comfort of being alone or simply married to that of mother. For those already with children the voyage may be familiar, but life is still going to change. We feel it is important to show that, while most hero's journeys are those of men, that women hold the true hero's journey by bringing life into the world—and that that might be overlooked.

4. What types of exercises does Spiritual Pregnancy include to help mother and child strengthen their bond?

We discuss many things, from specially designed yoga postures to meditative and guided imagery practices. The pregnant woman will also learn various forms of journaling and historical anecdotes that will help her connect to the maternal archetype of the cosmos.

5. Is there any prior knowledge needed for those expectant mothers wishing to create a spiritual pregnancy with the help of your book?

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