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by Sharon Lipinski - January 2017

Each year, thousands of people set New Year's resolutions—to exercise, eat better, lose weight, save more money, enjoy their life more, etc.—but most will fail. Miserably and repeatedly. So how can we live better lives, if our resolutions to do so are likely to fail? Sharon Lipinski, author of the new 365 Ways to Live Generously: Simple Habits for a Life That's Good for You and for Others, provides the seven foundational generosity habits that, once a part of your life, will allow your life to naturally unfold as a life that is good for you and good for others.

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by Llewellyn

1. Your new book is 365 Ways to Live Generously. What inspired you to write the book?

Sharon Lipinski365 Ways to Live Generously is the result of my own personal quest to live my best life. Several years ago, I was a mortgage broker working 60 hours or more a week in a high-pressure job I hated. I had zero work-life balance, because it was all work. I didn't exercise. I never cooked. If it didn't come from take out or from a box, I didn't eat.

But I saw that some people seemed to have it easier than I did in the sense that they were excelling at work and in their personal life. The secret was that they had better habits than I did. They were doing more of the right things unconsciously and automatically. I knew that if they could do it, I could do it too.

For years now, I've been trying to figure out which habits I should create, so I can live my best life. I wanted to have more time and energy. I wanted to feel good about my health and love my body. I wanted to have deep, meaningful relationships. I wanted to have a big, positive impact on myself, my community, and the world.

Today, I am happily married. Today, I am physically healthy with a strong exercise habit. I wake up every morning with the physical energy to handle whatever life throws at me and the mental clarity to focus on what's most important to me. Today, I cook. That blows me away, and sometimes I still shake my head as I put dinner on the table and think, "Look at that. I can cook."

And you can do it, too. This story doesn't stop with me. Whatever your best life looks like to you, you can achieve it by gently, easily, and consistently practicing the right behaviors until they become a habit.

2. You are also the founder of Change Gangs. What type of organization is it, and what led you to create it?

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The Witch's Crown: Sovereignty, Power, and the Faery Tradition
by Storm Faerywolf

Among the kaleidoscope of practices and philosophies that shape the diverse form of witchcraft known as Faery, a popular saying arises again and again that describes what very well may be the singular heart of the tradition: "A witch bows to no one." It is offered as both advice and meditative device, the sentiment being one of claiming and protecting one's personal power and fully embracing one's own divine authority. Storm Faerywolf, author of Betwixt & Between, provides insight into the Faery tradition as well as the Witch's Crown exercise for embracing your personal power.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About The Exorcist
by Steven A. LaChance

The events of the St. Louis exorcism in 1949 will forever be the topic of discussion and conjecture, and inspired the 1973 film The Exorcist. The exorcism ended in 1949, but the aftermath forever changed the Catholic Church and the city of St. Louis. Here, Steven LaChance, author of the new Confrontation with Evil: An In-Depth Review of the 1949 Possession that Inspired The Exorcist, presents 10 facts about the movie and the possession that you likely don't know.

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The Rose Phoenix
by Jenny Tyson

Jenny Tyson, author of Spiritual Alchemy, delves into the branch of plant alchemy in this essay, specifically the making of the rose phoenix. Along with photos documenting her work, she discusses the experiment and how phenomena captured by a camera can be used as feedback for spiritual progress.

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365 Ways to Live Generously, by Sharon Lipinski
365 Ways to Live Generously
by Sharon Lipinski

Betwixt and Between, by Storm Faerywolf
Betwixt & Between
by Storm Faerywolf

The Everyday Witch Tarot, by Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba
The Everyday Witch Tarot
by Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba

Hidden Mandala Coloring Book, by Jean-Louis de Biasi
Hidden Mandala Coloring Book
by Jean-Louis de Biasi

Love, Sex, and Awakening, by Margot Anand
Love, Sex, and Awakening
by Margot Anand

The Magic of Trees, by Tess Whitehurst
The Magic of Trees
by Tess Whitehurst

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