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The Christian Witch Wheel of the Year
by Adelina St. Clair - July 2010

The merging of Christianity and Paganism is a relatively new concept, one rarely talked about and one that stirs much controversy. As more and more people speak out about their love of both Christ and of the Goddess, it becomes apparent that the practice of Christian Witchcraft is no myth. It is real and it makes sense most in the celebrations that both Christians and Wiccans share. The feast days of the Christian and Wiccan calendars are closely linked both in date and meaning, which gives the Christian Witch the greatest of gifts: a way to honor her Christian tradition in the light of a Pagan practice. Adelina St. Clair, author of The Path of a Christian Witch, offers a little bit of history on the development of the feasts that Pagans and Christians both share and how these celebrations can become the focal point of a beautiful and loving spiritual practice.

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An Interview with Adelina St. Clair, Author of The Path of a Christian Witch
by Llewellyn

1. Your book is titled The Path of a Christian Witch. How exactly do you define a “Christian Witch?” The Path of a Christian Witch

There are probably as many definitions of Christian Witchcraft  as there are Christian Witches. For me, a Christian Witch is someone who practices Witchcraft while continuing to follow the teachings of Jesus. She practices magic, recognizes the Sacred Feminine, and reveres all Nature as a manifestation of the Divine. Much as certain Witches ascribe to an Egyptian or Celtic pantheon, the Christian Witch practices within a Judeo-Christian pantheon, using the symbol and deity figures found within this tradition.

2. You were raised as a Christian. How were you introduced to Paganism?

I was introduced to Paganism quite unexpectedly. While I was in university, I would study in a bookstore coffee shop. Whenever I needed a break, I would browse the shelves and pick a book at random. One day, I picked up a book about Wicca  and it absorbed me completely. It brought back pieces of myself that I had forgotten about, like my connection to the supernatural, and it awoke a great need to re-connect to the Sacred Feminine. It was a true revelation! From there, I met other Pagans in my community, took classes, and went to Pagan festivals so that I could learn as much as I could about this beautiful way of seeing the worlds.

2. Once introduced to Paganism, what made you decide not to entirely forgo all aspects of your Christian beliefs?

Casting aside my Christian roots was never really an option for me; it would have been like turning my back on a good friend. I keep a very simple Christian practice: I essentially try to understand what Jesus taught and what he is still teaching us. That is the Christianity that I practice; it is not bogged down by a lot of man-made rules.

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Lovecraft and the 13 Gates of the Necronomicon
by Donald Tyson

Who was H.P. Lovecraft? What is exactly is the Necronomicon, and why has it left such an indelible impression on magicians and occultists of today? Donald Tyson, author of The 13 Gates of the Necronomicon, describes just exactly what Lovecraft had in mind—and why our usage of the Necronomicon today would be blasphemy to him.

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Fluorescent Pink Billboards
by Chantel Lysette

When the struggle with accepting one’s spiritual path proves to be so strenuous that it seems denial will trump faith at every turn, the Universe will often send signs to help one reconcile with the ambivalence that seems to grip many of us when transitioning from one belief system to another. Sometimes those signs may be small, but are often too poignant to be considered mere coincidences. Yet, many of us will dismiss them as such. Denial, dismissal, and confusion tend to become the norm until one day the signs bloom into awe-inspiring, irrefutable miracles. Chantel Lysette, author of The Angel Code and Azrael Loves Chocolate, Michael's a Jock, discusses her own personal experience with such signs, which can be as simple as a fluorescent pink sticky note.

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A Deeper Look at the Progressed Moon and Saturn Cycles
by Amy Herring

Saturn’s twenty-nine-and-half-year transiting cycle as personal evolution represents most directly the process of maturity. Not just getting older, but gaining wisdom through what we learn in our experience of growing up. During highlights in our personal Saturn cycle, we are often asked to confront a certain reality, whether it’s about how the outside world works or whether it’s our internal state of being, along the theme of what Saturn represents in our birth chart by sign and house. Our personal Saturn cycle can also have us confronting authorities, again whether they are external laws, judges, teachers, or parents, and our internal lesson of claiming our own natural authority and governance over our own lives. Amy Herring, author of Astrology of the Moon, explains.

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Relatives As Guides

Pear Spice Cake for Lammas

Other Uses for Tarot: Visualization

Llewellyn Journal - July 2010

Lovecraft and the 13 Gates of the Necronomicon

Fluorescent Pink Billboards

A Deeper Look at the Progressed Moon and Saturn Cycles - New Releases - July 2010

Astrology of the Moon
Astrology of the Moon
by Amy Herring

MIraculous Moments
Miraculous Moments
by Elissa Al-Chokhachy

The Path of a Christian Witch
The Path of a Christian Witch
by Adelina St. Clair

Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods
Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods
by Judith Page & Jan A. Malique - Reader's Top Picks - July 2010

  1. Shadowscapes Tarot
    by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

  2. Magical Housekeeping
    by Tess Whitehurst

  3. Green Witchcraft
    by Ann Moura

  4. The Angelical Language, Volume I
    by Aaron Leitch

  5. Animal Omens
    by Victoria Hunt

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