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Soul Mates: The Light and the Dark of It
by Linda George - July 2009

Soul Mates. The words evoke a sense of divine partnership, a blessed union where two hearts, two souls, two people, come together as One. The state of Oneness prevails through all of life’s adversities. The couple is melded together through thick and thin, and there is always and throughout pervasive feelings of telepathic connection, unconditional love, and simmering sexual passion.

Ah, bliss. We all share this innate longing for our “other half.” Since the age of romance began, literature has fed us the imagery of such a perfect union. Much is illusory, a fantasy; but still, we crave this perfection.

Our bodies hardly need encouragement. It is the prerogative of the body to seek its “other half,” the yin for its yang, the positive for its negative. Kahlil Gibran said: “Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself.” It is this longing of life to reproduce that drives us to seek union with our opposite.

And for our higher selves, our souls, the desire to merge comes from an instinctive “knowing.” Our higher self knows that only through relationship can we bring our “unwholeness” into our conscious awareness, in order to heal—and thus become whole.

We cannot do this on our own. We need another to help us negotiate our gaps and wounds, and to teach us how to open, and keep open, our hearts. There is no healing with a closed heart. We must open and let go. And this we do best when we are loved and loving.

The words “Soul Mates” are a bit like the words “God” or “Love.” We can create any number of interpretations for these words; they are capable of expressing the highest truths, as well as truth’s opposite. From the pain of deception, loss, betrayal, and separation to the joy of profound intimacy and deep merging with another, the Soul Mate relationship can bring us any or all of these.

I use the word Soul, together with the word Mate, tentatively. And for the reason mentioned above—the words are too easily misconstrued. They are minimized, mangled, and mutated, changed from two innocent, singly comforting words to something almost intimidating: Do you have a Soul Mate? Is your partner your Soul Mate, or a watered down version of one? And if he is, why is living with him so difficult? He can’t be. Or: Will you ever find that elusive Soul Mate? Do you even believe in such things? If they’re for real, why hasn’t yours shown up yet? Where IS he? The subject of soul mates seems invariably to be accompanied by feelings of ambivalence and vulnerability.

There is a lot of confusion about Soul Mates (as there is about anything to do with the mysterious Soul), which is why I wanted to talk about them. After forty something years of living and loving, I have come to the conclusion that every significant relationship we enter into is with a Soul Mate. Yes, afraid so. (And when I say significant, I mean a relationship lasting longer than most of the food in your refrigerator). When we give our heart to another—for however short or long the duration—we are entering into the sacred territory of the Soul. This person has then become a Mate of our Soul; our Soul Mate.

Now, we need to qualify the above. Significant relationships are all Soul Mate relationships, but there are soul mates and Soul Mates. There are “dark” Soul Mates and there are “light” Soul Mates.

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An Interview with Linda George, Author of Sun Signs & Soul Mates
by Llewellyn

1. Whereas some people might deem astrology to be an aside to daily life, you consider it to be one of the most profound knowledge systems on the planet. Why is that?Sun Signs & Soul Mates

In this world as we know it, profound knowledge is, more often than not, cast aside by people as they get on with the business of living.  But for me, finding the meaning, the reason we are here, has always been my quest (it’s in my chart!), so I have been drawn to deeper knowledge systems, such as astrology. These knowledge systems tend not to be mainstream.  I think that Life is challenging for most of us, and getting more so, as the “old order” is dying.  We are in a time of transformation, and in such times, we all need some guidance to help us make sense of life. Astrology can give us this understanding. It can help us perceive the “big picture.” As we glean insight into our personal journeys and we see how the planetary cycles are affecting the collective, we sense the unique part we have to play in the cosmic theater that we call life.  It’s all a game in fact, an illusion that we think is real. Astrology can show us the rules of the game and how we can best play it.

2. When did your journey with astrology begin?

My journey into astrology began at 13 or 14, with Linda Goodman’s classic Sun Signs.  In the late 1980s I began studying under the tutorship of an astrologer highly regarded in New Zealand.  After gaining my diploma, I studied with American astrologer Glenn Perry, completing his diploma in astropsychology.  I have been greatly influenced by Steven Forrest, and learned much from him.  Other teachers are Noel Tyl and Melanie Reinhart.  To be totally honest, I have parted company with astrology a number of times.  But I am always pulled back to it—it has claimed me, and I cannot keep away from it for long.  I find that the fresh perspectives I acquire and the learning I do in between my periods of immersion in astrology always takes me to a new—and, I believe, higher—place when I return.  Life is so multi-faceted; I don’t believe in becoming too absorbed in one field when everything we learn builds on and reinforces everything else.  This is especially true in the area of consciousness.

3. How exactly would you define evolutionary astrology?

Evolutionary astrology is an approach to astrology that assumes a belief in the infinite and eternal nature of consciousness. Consciousness progresses and evolves through a succession of lifetimes (or perhaps we are living them all at once! This may be true if there is no such thing as time –as quantum physics is showing us this may indeed be the case). Either way, the intent is to learn and grow through our challenges. This is how consciousness is expanded. The “themes” depicted in the birth chart illuminate those challenges and the potential we have brought with us, as well as the “intent” of the incarnating soul. When seen from this perspective, we understand that this life is an opportunity. It is precious, and nothing that occurs in life is by accident. It was all designed with a purpose in mind (the Mind of God), and that purpose is the growth and evolution of our soul.

4. How is that we are able to interpret personalities, strengths, challenges, karmic patterns, and soul mates based solely on an individual’s sun sign?

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The Care and Feeding of Your Moon Sign
by Fern Feto Spring 

Your astrological moon sign can help you better understand what “feeds” you at a deep level, helping you to stay grounded and supported even in the midst of chaos and transitions. The moon sign gives us inside information on what keeps us feeling nurtured and at home in the world. From the food we eat for sustenance to the home environment in which we live, the moon rules over our basic needs in life. Learn how to meet these needs by feeding and caring for your own astrological moon sign.

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Solomon's Keys: Revealing the Origins of Modern Ritual Practices
by David Rankine

Most magicians have a routine they follow prior to casting a spell: creating a ritual space, casting a circle, and consulting a Book of Shadows. From where do these practices come? David Rankine, co-author of The Veritable Key of Solomon, discusses how the Key of Solomon helped shape ritual as we know it today.

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How to Live the Life of your Dreams: 4 Steps to Freedom
by Karen Mehringer

About ten years ago, Karen Mehringer and her husband uprooted their lives in Seattle to sail around the world. Are you truly living the life of your dreams? Are you prepared to live the life of your dreams, even if it meant leaving behind the stability of terra firma for the rolling ocean waves? Mehringer, author of Sail into Your Dreams presents four ways you, too, can start living the life of your dreams.

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The Care and Feeding of Your Moon Sign

Solomon's Keys: Revealing the Origins of Modern Ritual Practices

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