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The Hunger for Reality: Our Search for Essence
by Richard Harvey - July 2013

We have a great hunger. I don't mean obvious hunger—hunger for love, food, nourishment, a warm bed, a partner, a creative happy life. All these are valid hungers, and it is hard to be a human being without experiencing them. But, the hunger to which I am referring is not only greater, but also deeper than any of these. It is the hunger for what is real, for what is true—a hunger for the essence of life.

When you think about it, reality is the only feasible foundation for your life; it underpins absolutely everything. Take the hungers above—just a cursory list—you could have any one of them, but if it is not real, then what good is it?

Real or Not?
Take love. You meet someone who you like. You stay together for a while and the relationship deepens into love. But, a little way down the line, you or your partner becomes attracted to someone else. What has happened to the love? Is it real? Was it ever real? When you are cheated on, betrayed, or jilted, was the love real or not?

Then take food and nourishment. The reality of this today is surely without doubt. Only the most credulous of us are ignorant of real, organic, unprocessed, natural foods and their superiority in all ways over junk food, confectionery, candy, and convenience foods. Real nourishment is healthy, tastes good, and strengthens our immune system.

The Inner Experience of Reality
"Real" is what we want and what we need; instinctively and intuitively we know it. Now, would it surprise you if I said that reality as you experience it (mainly outer reality) relies on your inner experience of reality? When you are real within, the rest will follow. Stay with me if you are not sure.

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by Llewellyn

1. Your new book is titled, Your Essential Self. How exactly would you define the "Essential Self?"

It is your essence, the essential part of you, the part of yourself that you cannot do without. The essence is extremely sensitive, strong, full of soul and spirit. When we are growing up and undergoing the ordeal of learning to live in the world, the precious essence is assaulted because the world is too brash, too material, you could say not spiritual enough, not loving enough, too insensitive. So little by little we learn to hide our essence as a way of preserving ourself; it is a survival strategy. We intuit that we can only get through this if we conceal our real self. This real self is hidden and protected by multiple defenses, which may even include our forgetfulness. In a way, we cannot even be trusted with our own essence since we might betray ourself. The essence is hidden perhaps in a fortress surrounded by a moat, concealed with briars, the route made impassable, and over the years the concealment grows and eventually we may forget altogether that it is there inside us, preserved intact because it is hidden so well. I call this, "the Promise." It is the promise to ourself that we will not reveal our essence because it is too risky, too dangerous to our well-being and survival.

Now the reality of this, the evidence of this, appears in our adult lives. For example, we become frustrated in love relationships because we want our partner to know us and love us, but at the same time we want to hold something of ourselves back, because we don't want to be known. It is a conflict, an inner one. We long for intimacy, to be known, just as much as we resist it! You could say that romance today is the story of this inner conflict played out in the outer world. And, of course, it is disastrous. Relationships, marriage, and love partnerships are not successful on the whole, because they don't really live up to our expectations if we are honest about it.

Through inner work, work on the soul, we can free ourselves of these limiting inner dynamics. We can expand our conscious awareness and in time liberate ourselves completely from self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that prevent us living our full potential. Eventually, we may realize both our full humanity and our spirituality.

2. Why do you feel it is necessary and important for us as human beings to reach the spiritual attainment provided by our Essential Self?

Spirituality is at the very heart of the human condition. It is rather like a battery-powered flashlight; when the batteries are filled with energy, the flashlight illuminates. A human being filled with spirit is alive, vibrant, and illuminating. In today's world this light has dimmed. The appearance of things rather than the inner substance is on the rise. We have become infantilized in many ways by the media, commercialization, politics and politicians, the cult of celebrity—the adoration of gods and goddesses who have fallen from the sky—and the ubiquitous Internet.

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Traveling Deeper with the Wheel of the Year
by Jane Meredith

We are all familiar with the Wheel of the Year and its celebrations. But what if we take a deeper look at the Wheel and the lessons it offers, seeing not just eight festivals of celebration, but a parallel of the waxing and waning of our lives? Jane Meredith, author of Rituals of Celebration, discusses what happens when we venture into the lessons of the Wheel of the Year and embrace the importance of loss as much as we do the importance of success.

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A Deck in Each Hand: Reading with the Lenormand and Tarot
by Patrick Dunn

The Lenormand, a simple, 36-card deck, is gaining popularity across the world. What are these cards, and from where did they come? Patrick Dunn, author of Cartomancy with the Lenormand and the Tarot, explains the cards and their inherent power—especially when they are teamed up with the Tarot.

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Serpent of Wisdom: Essays on Western Magic
by Donald Tyson

Throughout history, Western magic has been viewed with extreme ambivalence: at the same time accepted and dismissed, even by those who practiced it. Why is this? Could it have something to do with the very essence of magic itself? Donald Tyson, occultist and author of Serpent of Wisdom, explains why his new book thoroughly illuminates magic, its history, and its practice.

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My First Haunted House
by Debra Robinson

A deep sense that life was definitely about more than just her led  psychic Debra Robinson down some strange paths in her lifetime, including an incredibly haunted house. Here the Haunted Life author recounts her first paranormal experiences.

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Serpent of Wisdom, by Donald Tyson
Serpent of Wisdom
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Your Essential Self, by Richard Harvey
Your Essential Self
by Richard Harvey - Reader's Top Picks - July 2013

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