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Casting a Circle for Clairvoyant Readings
by Alexandra Chauran - July 2014

Casting a circle is a practice that makes use of the life force energy that pervades all things, which is often thought to be the mechanism through which clairvoyant visions are delivered. Casting a circle constructs a circle out of energy on the astral plane. The main purpose for casting a circle before a clairvoyant reading is to hold the energy out of which clairvoyant visions are made close to you for long enough to achieve an optimal clairvoyant reading. A secondary purpose for casting a circle is to exclude any negative energy or entities from your person during a clairvoyant reading, if you are concerned that they may influence your visions by making them disturbing or inaccurate.

Casting a circle can be very simple or incredibly complex. For beginners, I'll be making the circle casting as simple as possible to be effective for clairvoyant readings. For that reason, I'm going to omit or make optional a lot of the extra tools and techniques that can be used. If you happen to be familiar with circle casting already, your own circle casting can be used in place of this one.

There are five main steps for casting a circle. The first is to make sure the space is clear of any influencing energies. The second is to establish a boundary between your circle and the rest of the world. The third is to bless the area with positive energy and devote it for clairvoyant reading. The fourth is to perform your clairvoyant reading, and the fifth is to take down the circle in the opposite way that you set it up.

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Ceremonial Magick: Reuniting Yourself with the Natural World
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In western ceremonial magick, there is often a tendency to view a magickal operation as something that is at odds with the natural order of the universe. The special robe, the implements, the prayers and orations and conjurations…all of this and more has the effect of isolating the individual from the rest of the universe. Is there a way to change this mindset and re-integrate ourselves to the natural world—and perhaps make our magick more powerful in the process? Gregory Peters, author of the new Magickal Union of the East and West, explains.

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High Magick & Initiatic Order
by Jean-Louis de Biasi

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Clairvoyance for Beginners
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We Walk Beside You Always
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