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by Deborah Lipp - July 2015

Many people don't feel at ease with tarot cards; they may think they "aren't good" with them, or not connect with a particular deck, or not want to put in the studying time. Deborah Lipp, author of the new Tarot Interactions, discusses these reasons and more, and provides ways to become more intuitive with your psychic ability and the cards of the tarot.

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by Llewellyn

1. Your new book, Tarot Interactions, focuses on becoming more intuitive when reading the tarot. What inspired you to write Tarot Interactions?

Deborah Lipp

I never thought I was an expert on the tarot. I learned so much from authors I admire, like Rachel Pollack and Eden Grey; I didn't want to re-tread ground they'd already explored so brilliantly. I feel very strongly, as an author, that I have no business writing a book unless I have something unique to say.

But, my late ex-husband, Isaac Bonewits, always said I was an amazing tarot reader and I absolutely had to write a book on the subject. He was a terrific reader himself, so it was very flattering, but I always put him off. Still, it was in the back of my mind that if I could come up with something unique, something that really contributed to the existing library of books on Tarot, I would write it.

I knew that there were certain things that were unique about how I do readings. What I couldn't figure out was what tied those things together. I had a sit-down with the brilliant Elysia at Llewellyn, and together we came up with this idea of interactions. Once she said that the word "interaction" was what tied all my different ideas together, everything clicked. I wrote the book very quickly after that; in fact, it's the one I've written fastest.

2. You are a Pagan High Priestess, and your other books (including The Elements of Ritual The Way of Four, and Merry Meet Again) are Pagan-oriented. How does the Tarot fit into your daily life, and as a Pagan?

A lot of the games in my "Experimentation and Play" chapter of Tarot Interactions are games we've played in my Pagan group.

My day-to-day use of tarot is primarily reading for others. If something serious is going on with me, I reach out to other readers. There was a time not long ago when I had a series of strange omens, which included things actually falling on me from the sky. I was alarmed! When I did a reading for myself, the answer said something like, "Something serious is going on and you don't know what it is." Thanks a lot, tarot! So I reached out to a few people who I knew were talented readers, and I got some solid, helpful answers, and was able to respond to the forces moving through my life.

To me, my Pagan theology includes the idea that humans have more abilities than are visible, that we are allowed and able to know the unknowable, and that nature and the universe are full of information that most of us in Western culture are taught isn't there. So all of that adds up to the idea that divination is something we can use.

I use tarot in Paganism when I'm making difficult decisions, like whether or not a certain magical act is appropriate. It's a way of getting answers from a higher source, if you will.

3. So, what exactly is a tarot interaction?

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