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by Lasara Firefox Allen - July 2016

As we read, learn, and expand our awareness, we may become paralyzed by overwhelm and despair. But, if we give in to these feelings, then the good work we are doing diminishes and evil wins. Good only wins when we take our dawning awarenesses and put them into action. Lasara Firefox Allen, author of the new Jailbreaking the Goddess, provides 13 ways to survive our new awareness and activism.

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by Llewellyn

1. Your new book is titled Jailbreaking the Goddess. What exactly does that mean?

Lasara Firefox Allen "Jailbreaking" means to break something or someone free. With Jailbreaking the Goddess, we are breaking the goddess free of the bonds of biology. Or, at least breaking our perception of her free. I mean, I have a hunch that at heart she is absolutely liberated, and has always been so.

The book was originally titled The Fivefold Goddess. To be honest, Jailbreaking the Goddess was at first kind of a joke-title in my head, because the material that was coming forward was so radical. When my editor asked me to reconsider a title though, Jailbreaking the Goddess was what I first offered. And to my great surprise, the team loved it. So we went with it.

After we had settled on Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality as the new title, I had a few days of complete terror that I had chosen a name that might be too strong for people. But again my editor soothed my fears, and invited me to bring the most strong, radical, transformational material in as I wanted to. 

It was an amazing experience. The new name allowed the book to radicalize in ways that offer opportunities for true transformation on both personal and collective levels.

2. Why did you feel such a new vision of feminism and female spirituality was needed?

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Bring Your Tarot Readings to Life
by Barbara Moore

We spend so much time and energy learning what each individual card means…deep and wide complex interpretations that make any one card worthy of intense study…but we spend so little time studying how they interact. This is a shame because a tarot reading is so much more than the sum of its parts. Barbara Moore explains how to bring your readings to life by seeing how the cards interact.

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Seven Ways to Feed Your Witch Power
by Devin Hunter

The Witch Power isn't something that we just discovered; it has been with humanity since the dawn of our species, and so we don't have to look too far in order to find it. With a little dedication and an open and honest mind you can start to retrain and refocus this power so that it is always working in your favor and always bringing you to the end of your desire. Devin Hunter, author of the new Witch's Book of Power, provides seven ways we can feed our Witch Power.

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Protecting Yourself Against Demonic Entities
by Debi Chestnut

In our world, negative entities such as demons and other creatures can creep in and make our lives a living hell. These creatures thrive on chaos and fear, and we as humans have no problem supplying them with what they need. What can we do to protect ourselves against these entities that are hell-bound to cause the ruin of humankind? Debi Chestnut, author of the new Something Wicked, provides ways we can protect ourself from negative entities.

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Craft: Wish Bracelet

A General Plant Divination

Lucky Deva Abundance Charm for Lammas - New Releases - July 2016

Jailbreaking the Goddess, by Lasara Firefox Allen
Jailbreaking the Goddess
by Lasara Firefox Allen

Something Wicked, by Debi Chestnut
Something Wicked
by Debi Chestnut

The Witch's Book of Power, by Devin Hunter
The Witch's Book of Power
by Devin Hunter

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