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Mediumship 101: 5 Ways to Build Your Connection to Spirit
by Troy Parkinson - June 2009

The exploration of mediumship, spirit communication, and all things paranormal can be an exciting and overwhelming process. For some, the interest begins when they have an experience they can’t explain. They may have seen a ghost or felt a presence or had some unexplainable phenomenon occur in their home. For others, the study of death, dying, and the afterlife comes with the passing of a loved one or friend. Sometimes finding the right resources to start can be a bit overwhelming, but hopefully these next five steps will help you get started.

STEP ONE: Allow the Search
In June of 1998, my wife’s uncle died; when she called me with the news I tried my best to console her and then immediately began to surf the Web for any information I could find on death, the afterlife, or near death experiences. Not more than an hour into the search, I received another call. This time it was from my mother, calling to inform me that a friend of our family’s had died. Suddenly, I was not only trying to find the right information to console my wife, I was also looking for inspiration to help console myself.

There was a deep desire to search for some answer or understanding of death. The strongest evidence for an afterlife on my search seemed to be near-death experiences. Cases of people dying and coming back to share what it is like on the other side flooded my vision. The second strongest evidence was mediumship or the ability to communicate with the other side. The idea that it was possible to “see, hear, and sense” those loved ones in spirit seemed like such an incredible gift.

As spiritual beings embarking on a physical experience, we are presented with a lot of philosophies, religions, and ideas in this life. Those who explore these ideas of the meaning of life, metaphysical perspectives, and ideas outside the norm are often called “Seekers.” They are people who are searching for understanding in this world and who open their hearts and minds to new ideas, people, and experiences.

It was allowing the search in my own journey that opened the door to many wonderful experiences. However, it’s also important to remember that the searching is never over; this beautiful universe has created endless opportunities to grow and develop. So strap in for the ride, and believe me—it’s one wonderful ride.

STEP TWO: Embrace the Sense
Once you find yourself “allowing the search” on the journey to new understanding about all things afterlife, you begin to allow your intuitive sense to open. You will begin to expand your awareness, and in doing so you will most likely begin to attract the books, websites, and people you need to assist you on your journey.

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An Interview with Troy Parkinson, Author of Bridge to the Afterlife
by Llewellyn

1. How did you first discover your abilities as a medium? Was it something natural and inherent, or did you need to hone and practice your skills?Bridge to the Afterlife

My journey as a medium began in Boston when I was going to film school back in 1998. My wife had an uncle pass away and I had a friend of the family pass away, so I began to surf the Internet for information about the afterlife, near death experiences, etc. In my search, I came across the First Spiritual Temple in Boston, a Christian Spiritualist church that offered mediumship workshops. I was curious and took one of the workshops, in the process discovering that connecting with spirits was an ability I had. In fact, I believe it is an ability we all have. It’s just like any other muscle: you have to exercise it to strengthen it. I’m continuously practicing and developing my skills. It’s not just something you become and then you’re done; it’s a life-long study.

2. Are you always in tune with the spirit world, or do you need to tune in and tune back out as needed?

I’m not always “tuned in.” I have created a process for myself where I open and close the connection; I’ve done that for my own sanity. I’m not committed to walking around all the time hearing spirits. When I go to the mall or a large group event, it could be overwhelming to have spirits talking to you left and right. I’ve worked with my guides and they help me open and close when the time is appropriate. That is not to say I still don’t get moments of inspiration, but it is rare that I get messages for people unless I’m sitting for a proper session.

3. You refer to yourself as an “evidential medium.” What distinguishes an evidential medium from any other medium?

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Michael Newton's Color Scale of the Soul's Evolution and the Five Medicine Buddhas of Tibet
by David Allen Hulse 

Since the year 2000, David Allen Hulse (author of The Western Mysteries and The Eastern Mysteries) has entered a spiritual retreat to receive deeper knowledge to incorporate into his next series of books. During this retreat, Hulse has been greatly impressed by the writings of Dr. Michael Newton. Discover, along with author David Allen Hulse, the symbolism of the color scale of the soul's aura that Michael Newton has documented in his three pioneering books (Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Life Between Lives).

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Tarot and Money Matters
by Barbara Moore

Money is one of the two most popular subjects of tarot readings, and now more so than ever during these challenging economic times. Tarot author and expert Barbara Moore presents three spreads to help you analyze your financial situation.

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Praying to Water: The Summer Solstice of June 2009
by Dan Furst

In most ways, the Summer Solstice of 2009 is likely to play out in the Northern Hemisphere much as it has for thousands of years now, with reverence for the feminine, the moon, and water. Dan Furst, author of Dance of the Moon: Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth, shares how this Summer Solstice of 2009 marks our even more fervent awareness of water as the hot summer months loom ahead.

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A Sip of Wisdom: A Personal Assessment by the Elements
by Bronwen Forrest Torgerson 

We all have our own interpretations and honoring of the four elemental quadrants. Whatever attributes we ascribe to the elements, we can use their unique energies to lend guidance and clarification in our lives. Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson, author of One Witch's Way, presents a short self assessment exercise to help you identify how to best use the guidance of the elements.

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What Does Your Ascendant Mean?

A Charm Bag for Attraction and Love

Llewellyn Journal - June 2009

Michael Newton's Color Scale of the Soul's Evolution and the Five Medicine Buddhas of Tibet

Tarot and Money Matters

Praying to Water: The Summer Solstice of June 2009

A Sip of Wisdom: A Personal Assessment by the Elements

Llewellyn's Summer Solstice Sale! Save - New Releases - June 2009

Bridge to the Afterlife
Bridge to the Afterlife
by Troy Parkinson

The Goddess Guide
The Goddess Guide
by Priestess Brandi Auset

Shamanism for Beginners
Shamanism for Beginners
by James Endredy

Travels Through Middle Earth
Travels Through Middle Earth
by Alaric Albertsson - June 2009

New WorldsMay/June 2009

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  1. The Essential Golden Dawn
    by Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero

  2. Garden Witch's Herbal
    by Ellen Dugan

  3. White Spells on the Go
    by Ileana Abrev

  4. Crafting Magick with Pen and Ink
    by Susan Pesznecker

  5. Easy Tarot
    by Josephine Ellershaw & Ciro Marchetti

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