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Yes, You Are Clairvoyant, Too!
by BelindaGrace - June 2011

Intuitive and clairvoyant  abilities are magical, mysterious, and miraculous; that said, the most amazing things about them is that we are all born with a built-in connection to our Divine guidance. It has always been there, but most of us were not brought up in a way that encouraged us to access and develop these wonderful skills.

You already have the ability to benefit from your own intuitive wisdom, communicate with your Angels and Spirit Guides, and access higher realms of awareness, you just may not know where to start or whether or not you are "doing it right." Like everything else in life, there are easier and more difficult ways to accomplish the same thing, so why do it the hard way? There are some simple steps that you can use right away that will help you open up and "reconnect" or to help you strengthen the connection of which you are already aware.

People often ask me what is the single most effective thing they can do to get a strong connection happening quickly, and my answer is the same every time: clear, strengthen, and ground your Channel! You have probably heard of the term "channeling," the activity whereby a clairvoyant or medium  brings through information either in written or spoken form. In order to do this channeling you need a clear and healthy Channel.

Your Channel is the antenna that connects you to the powerful levels of wisdom and guidance beyond the obvious physical realm. We all have a Channel, but until you find out about it and learn how to maintain it you probably aren’t receiving as clearly as you could. No one expects their television to give them great sound and pictures without a fully functioning antenna, yet we often wonder why we don’t get the guidance we need in daily life. The answer lies with healing and maintaining your Channel.

In terms of structure and appearance your Channel is a beautiful beam or column of energy and Light that flows down to you from the center of the Cosmos, connecting you to your intuitive and Divine guidance. But it doesn’t stop there. Being clairvoyant isn’t just about connecting to "up there," it's about having a Channel that is completely healthy and grounded. So why not try this simple visualization?

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An Interview with Author Bronwen Forbes, Author of  The Small-Town Pagan's Survival Guide
by Llewellyn

Editor's Note: Bronwen Forbes passed away just a few days after this interview was conducted.

1. Your new book is titled The Small-Town Pagan’s Survival Guide. I’m assuming you’ve had the experience of being a Pagan in a small town; did you grow up in one, or move to a small town as an adult? The Small-Town Pagan's Survival Guide

Both! I grew up in one; Berea, Kentucky in the mid 1970s had a population of about 8,800 people, not including college students. Living in a small town on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains had a profound impact on my future spiritual choices. Then, after leaving the Washington, DC area in 2000 for the Midwest, my family and I eventually ended up in a town of 12,000 people. When I did most of the writing and editing on the book I was living in a town of about 3,000.

2. How did living in a smaller community affect your magical practice?

Well, becoming an active Pagan in a major east coast city, your practice changes by necessity when you move to a small Kansas town! I still struggle with focusing my practice more "inward" and being less dependent on other people and structured community activities (festivals, concerts, open circles; none of those are available in a small town, at least not nearby and not every week!). Living in a small community has made my practice much quieter, much more low key. And I’ve learned to see a variety of activities as part of my magical practice, everything from going to the local farmer’s market every Saturday to hiking around the local reservoir with my dog on a crisp fall day. I’ve learned the value of these other practices.

3. Your new book is quite a departure from your previous book, Make Merry in Step and Song, which focuses on Mummer’s plays and other Pagan dances, songs, and celebrations. What inspired you to write The Small-Town Pagan’s Survival Guide?

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Exploring the Subconscious with Dowsing
by Kathryn Klvana

Know thyself. That good advice goes back all the way to the days of Plato and Socrates, and the ancient Greek inscription at the Temple of Delphi. But sometimes, knowing yourself is a lot harder than it should be, especially if you are out of touch with what is going on at the subconscious level. So how do you find out what is going on inside your head? According to Kathryn Klvana, author of Intuition in an Instant, dowsing is the perfect tool to talk to the subconscious mind and find out what’s going on beneath the surface. Here she provides tips on how to effectively using dowsing to tap into your intuition and achieve your goals.

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Fifteen Minutes to Better Magick
by Melanie Marquis

No one likes to talk about it, but we've all experienced it: the disappointment of ineffective magick. Spells don't always work, and the frustration caused by magickal failure can build up over time and hold us back from achieving our full potential. So how can we avoid the mire of mediocre magick? Melanie Marquis, author of The Witch's Bag of Tricks, offers a few practices that—with just fifteen minutes a day—can strengthen your magickal practice.

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The Tantric View of Relationship

Clearing Blocks to Dowsing

Exercise: Meet One of Your Angels or Spirit Guides

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Intuition in an Instant, by Kathryn Klvana
Intuition in an Instant
by Kathryn Klvana

Sex and Transcendence, by Keith Sherwood
Sex and Transcendence
by Keith Sherwood

The Witch's Bag of Tricks, by Melanie Marquis
The Witch's Bag of Tricks
by Melanie Marquis

You Are Clairvoyant, by BelindaGrace
You Are Clairvoyant
by BelindaGrace - Reader's Top Picks - January 2011

  1. A Witch's Travel Guide to Astral Realms
    by D. J. Conway

  2. Practical Protection Magick
    by Ellen Dugan

  3. Avalon Within
    by Jhenah Telyndru

  4. Quantum Tarot Kit
    by Lo Scarabeo

  5. Charms, Spells & Formulas
    by Ray T. Malbrough

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