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Using Apatite in Your Crystal Spells
by Ember Grant - June 2013

Apatite may not be the most widely used stone in crystal magic, but it is a beautiful crystal with many nurturing properties. But how—and for what—should you use it? Ember Grant, author of The Book of Crystal Spells, provides some information about how to use apatite, including three of her own apatite crystal spells.

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by Llewellyn

1. Your new book is The Book of Crystal Spells: Magical Uses for Stones, Crystals, Minerals…And Even Sand. What inspired this book?

This book was inspired by my love of working with stones. I wanted to write a different kind of crystal book—not a book of healing or a reference book, but a way to use stones for magic in creative ways. In addition, I enjoy writing spells and working with a variety of materials, so I wanted to include spells that utilize glass and sand as well.

2. Your previous book was Magical Candle Crafting; do you always include crafts of some sort in your magical Craft?

Yes, I try to use personal crafts in my magical practice whenever possible. I always use hand-crafted candles, and often handmade jewelry as well. I believe the personal touch is essential—it makes the magic stronger. In crystal magic sometimes it's harder to include a handcrafted item, and that's why I enjoy creating grids. The act of placing stones or drawing in sand is an act of creating something, which helps the mind focus on the spell's intent.

2. Do crystals, stones, and gems need to be imbued with magic prior to use, or does each have its own, inherent magical properties?

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Seven Flower Magic Rituals
by Tess Whitehurst

While it may sound like a contradiction, flower magic is both highly subtle and highly potent. It's subtle in that floral energy patterns lie beneath the concrete, everyday realm of awareness. It's potent in that a flower's vibratory patterns can merge with our personal patterns in ways that infiltrate and shift every aspect of our awareness and life experience, all the way down to molecules, thought waves, and emotional states. Like water dripping on a stone, the subtlety of a flower's vibrational signature—especially when combined with a clear-as-crystal intention—can steadily and relentlessly bring about lasting change. Tess Whitehurst, author of The Magic of Flowers, provides seven rituals for lasting and powerful flower magic.

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Discovering Our Many Past Lives
by Douglas De Long

What really happens when we die? What becomes of the soul? There are many of us who wonder about death, and perhaps even fear it. However, if we dig into our past incarnations here on earth, we can discover more about ourselves, healing and transforming in the process. Douglas De Long, author of Past Lives for Beginners, explains.

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The Gold Within You: Seven Alchemical Stages to Attain Spiritual Wholeness
by Nanci Shanderá, Ph.D.

Alchemists put various base metals, such as lead, through a series of processes that refine them until they become gold, and these alchemical processes in a laboratory are symbolic for the transformation of our inner "lead" into our "Gold," or True Self, our Soul. Dr. Nanci Shanderá, author of Your Inner Gold, discusses the seven stages of alchemy and how they apply to our personal transformative process.

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Feasts and Treats: Recipes for the Summer Solstice

Clearing Blocks to Dowsing

Exercise: Asking for a Dream Visit from a Loved One in Spirit - New Releases - June 2013

Past Lives for Beginners, by Douglas De Long
Past Lives for Beginners
by Douglas De Long

The Magic of Flowers, by Tess Whitehurst
The Magic of Flowers
by Tess Whitehurst

Your Inner Gold, by Nanci Shandera, Ph.D.
Your Inner Gold
by Nanci Shanderá, Ph.D. - Reader's Top Picks - June 2013

  1. Witches Tarot
    by Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans

  2. Book of Shadows Tarot, Volume II: So Below Deck
    by Lo Scarabeo

  3. The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones
    by Margaret Ann Lembo

  4. Witchy Crafts
    by Lexa Olick

  5. Shapeshifter Tarot Deck
    by D.J. Conway & Sirona Knight; Art by Lisa Hunt

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