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by Ellen Dugan - June 2015

Ellen Dugan's new book, The Natural Psychic, isn't simply a non-magickal book—it's a friendly and fun guide to psychic development. So why the departure, after more than fifteen books on witchcraft and magick? Ellen explains her journey though psychic development and why now is the time for The Natural Psychic.

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by Llewellyn

1. You've written over fifteen books on Paganism and witchcraft, and you are known as the "Garden Witch." Yet, your new book The Natural Psychic focuses on the psychic realm and intuition. What inspired you to write The Natural Psychic?

Ellen Dugan

Call me psychic, but somehow I knew you were going to ask that. I discovered the Craft over three decades ago, when I was searching for a way to get a handle on my own psychic abilities.

After twelve years of cranking out a total of sixteen non-fiction books on witchcraft, it was time for a break. I have always combined my psychic abilities with the Craft. I even wrote about this particular topic in depth in my book Natural Witchery.

When my Witches Tarot was released, I lectured on the tarot and how to perform clairvoyant readings across the country. After listening to the questions from the fans, I knew it was time to tackle the subject of psi-development. 

However, I wanted to do it my way. As a non-denominational book. With NO religious slant to the information. That way anyone—Witch, Pagan, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, or Spiritualist—could pick up the book and get some practical, straight up, and honest information.

2. The Natural Psychic is designed to help us develop our psychic skills and navigate the psychic realm. Why is this important?

Because psychic abilities are natural. They are a part of our genetic makeup. We all have instincts and intuition, but understanding how it all works, can be a daunting quest. 

Often people are afraid. Afraid to explore, afraid to question and to understand. Most often that fear comes from worrying they are somehow going against a religious belief of some flavor.

The point I make right off the bat in this book is that your religion has NOTHING to do with your psychic abilities. You are who you are, and your abilities are yours to explore—no matter what your religious affiliation.

3. You're known as the "Garden Witch," with many books on gardening and the seasons. Do you find that increased psychic abilities help in the garden as well as in other areas of life?

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5 Ways Dreams Can Help at the End of Life (And How You Can Help Your Dreams Now)
by Jeanne Van Bronkhorst

The end of life is a powerful, emotionally wrenching, and often profoundly spiritual time. Jeanne Van Bronkhorst, author of the new Dreams At the Threshold, details five ways dreams at the end of life can be powerful allies for the dying and the grieving alike—as well as how you can begin to be more in tune with your dreams now.

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Traditional Lughnasadh with a Modern Twist
by Melanie Marquis

As one of three annual harvest celebrations marked in the Witch's sabbat cycle, Lughnasadh doesn't seem like much of a stand-out. Unless you're tending crops on a daily basis, you're not very likely to be especially filled with excitement over the thought of the first harvest, as opposed to the second or third harvest. Melanie Marquis, author of the new Lughnasadh in Llewellyn's Sabbat Series, offers fun ways to make your Lughnasadh celebrations more modern.

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Haunted Plantations of the South
by Richard Southall

Richard Southall's new book, Haunted Plantations of the South, is now available. What makes these antiquated locales so haunted—and so intriguing? Is it the legends, or the experiences? The author of Haunted Route 66Haunted Plantations of the South, and How to Be a Ghost Hunter explains.

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Midsummer Garden Party

Midsummer's Dream Tarot Spread

A Simple Summer Solstice Ritual - New Releases - June 2015

Haunted Plantations of the South, by Richard Southall
Haunted Plantations of the South
by Richard Southall

Infinity Tarot Deck, by Lo Scarabeo
Infinity Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo
Limited Edition!

Lughnasadh, by Melanie Marquis
by Melanie Marquis

Meta-Barons Tarot, by Lo Scarabeo
Meta-Barons Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

The Natural Psychic, by Ellen Dugan
The Natural Psychic
by Ellen Dugan - Reader's Top Picks - June 2015

  1. Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams
    by Dr. Michael Lennox

  2. The Great Work
    by Tiffany Lazic

  3. Holistic Energy Magic
    by Tess Whitehurst

  4. Midsummer
    by Deborah Blake

  5. Develop Your Medical Intuition
    by Sherrie Dillard

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