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by Sherrie Dillard - June 2016

From a young age we are often taught, in ways both subtle and overt, to compromise who we are and to replace our true thoughts and feelings with false masks. We do this because we want to be accepted, and over time, our awareness of our authentic self slowly recedes. Yet, compromising our truth brings no true reward. Not knowing and loving our authentic self creates loneliness and cuts us off from our center of power and inner joy.

Despite the many influences that seek to confine you to complacency and suppress your inner truth, the journey of discovering your authentic self is natural and always unfolding. Sherrie Dillard, author of the new Discover Your Authentic Self, presents the three phases of discovering our true, authentic self.

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by Llewellyn

1. Your new book is titled Discover Your Authentic Self. How exactly do you define the "authentic self?"

Sherrie Dillard The authentic self is the totality of who you are. Constantly changing and evolving, you are your thoughts, your feelings, and your pure spirit essence and soul. Your authentic self is your center of power and joy.

2. Why is living in tune with our authentic self so important?

Authentic living begins with being able to discern and acknowledge your personal truth, however perplexing or unsettling you may judge it to be. This is the fundamental building block from which all of our successes are built. In your relationships, career choices, and all of the many decisions that you make on a daily basis, it is essential to know who you are. Otherwise, you only create and experience discontent and emptiness.

3. You are a psychic, and many of your previous books have dealt with developing psychic skills (Discover Your Psychic Type) or intuition (Develop Your Medical Intuition). How does our energetic awareness help us become more in tune with ourselves?

Your intuition is the voice of your authentic self. It is the inner compass through which you are guided to those things, people, and experiences that speak to your true self and empower you to live your purpose, express your gifts, and fill you with joy. Beyond your preconceived limitations, past conditioning, and societal expectations, you are a free and creative soul.

4. The book is comprised of 150 essays, including affirmations, meditations, and exercises. Is it important for these to be read and practiced in order?

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Becoming a Werewolf: Ancient Shamanic Dog Magic
by Sophia & Denny Sargent

Werewolves continue to capture the imagination, as they have for literally thousands of years. From where do these figures originate? And how do you become one? Denny and Sophia Sargent, authors of the new Book of Dog Magic, delve into the history and mythology of werewolves, and find that they may actually be connected to the Horned God.

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5 Uncommon Tips to Release Stress Using the Flexitarian Method
by Doron Hanoch

Today's world offers us many opportunities to create and live in stress; even though it has been many thousands of years since we have had to fear attack from wild animals, modern man has his fight-or-flight system turned on most days, and with no idea how to turn it off. Work, relationships, schedules, kids, media, and much more assist in creating stress. Luckily, there are many tools to bring us back from the fight-or-flight response into the rest-and-digest system, or the relaxation response. Thankfully, there are many ways to release stress; here, Doron Hanoch, author of the new Yoga Lifestyle, provides five ways to use the Flexitarian Method to ease stress.

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Fire Quartz Magic
by Ember Grant

In the practice of crystal magic, few would argue about the importance of quartz. Since it's one of the most abundant minerals on earth, and it can be found in so many varieties, there's bound to be some confusion when distinguishing among the different types. Ember Grant, author of the new Second Book of Crystal Spells, discusses ways to differentiate the different types of Fire Quartz, and also provides a spell for using Fire Quartz for manifestation.

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The Book of Dog Magic, by Sophia & Denny Sargent
The Book of Dog Magic
by Sophia & Denny Sargent

Discover Your Authentic Self, by Sherrie Dillard
Discover Your Authentic Self
by Sherrie Dillard

Doreen Valiente Witch, by Philip Heselton
Doreen Valiente Witch
by Philip Heselton

The Witch's Mirror, by Mickie Mueller
The Witch's Mirror
by Mickie Mueller

The Yoga Lifestyle, by Doron Hanoch
The Yoga Lifestyle
by Doron Hanoch

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