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The Magic of Using Flameless Candles in Ritual
by Ember Grant - March 2011

As pagans, we love what’s natural and real—we seek the authenticity of things, especially in our magic. We cherish hand-made, carefully crafted items. We love real stone, wood, metal, and plant materials. Most of us would never consider a plastic ritual chalice  or artificial oils; some pagans even insist on real matches for lighting fires—no modern lighters allowed. While that may be an extreme case, we do tend to scorn the modern, "fake" things in favor of what we deem real or "traditional."

As a maker of candles, I can’t imagine ever abandoning the real flame. In fact, I just wrote a book on the subject—Magical Candle Crafting—in which I explore making candles for rituals and spells, charging the wax with your energy. For magic, I still prefer this type of candle. But, in some situations, it’s nice to have a flameless candle on hand. They can be used to complement real candles on an altar, or to safely illuminate your sacred space, leaving you free to focus on your magic.

We already know that many modern conveniences can be useful in magical practice. Many of us use a computer for our Book of Shadows, or use an mp3 player for ritual music. And so, why not the "flameless" candle? Many people have invested in these recently, and some of them are made of real wax. In fact, from a distance, they are often indistinguishable from real candles. One good thing about them is that they last forever (although you may have to replace the battery), and they are safe from pets and human forgetfulness or clumsiness. Some of them simulate a flicker or have a scent, and some have a sensor so you can actually "blow" them out! These have a sensor activated by sound. Flameless candles may just have a place in magic and ritual after all. I can hear everyone groaning. But I just bought my first one during the winter holiday clearance. Everyone thinks it’s real—sometimes I even forget it’s not!

For some types of candle magic, you really do want to burn something. But sometimes the candle light is secondary, especially if you’re creating a mood. Obviously, without a real flame, I don’t recommend these be the basis of candle magic itself, but they can certainly enhance a ritual space or be used for convenience when you need them. And batteries are energy, after all.

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An Interview with Ellen Dugan, Author of the New Practical Protection Magick
by Llewellyn

1. Protection magick is a hot-button topic; why did you decide to tackle this subject? Ellen Dugan

I have always found it frustrating that there was very little practical information on this subject. It was also a magickal topic that I had wanted to sink my teeth into for a long time. I thought it would be interesting to do a protection magick book (the new Practical Protection Magick) from a woman’s perspective, as most protection magick books are, in fact, written by men. I felt it was time to tackle this topic honestly, with some humor and real life situations. I am honest. Brutally so. And if there were ever a topic that demanded honesty, it's this one. It's time to be realistic about protection magick; there is nothing more frustrating than to need good magickal information and then to be condescended to. I wrote Practical Protection Magick  so readers could get some good, no-nonsense information about hexes, ghosts, curses, psychic attacks, and emotional and psychic vampirism. This book will teach them how to work from a neutral place, and with integrity. And most importantly, without fear, allowing them to deal with any type of magickal problem both quickly and effectively.

2. What is "protection magick," from your perspective?

Protection magick is the practice of spell craft or other psychic techniques that ward, guard, shelter, or defend you from negative energy, emotional manipulation, psychic attack, psychic vampirism, and baneful magicks. Protection magick is also a sort of psychic/magickal lifestyle. It is a way to become aware of the energies and magicks that swirl through your life.

3. What is the most common way people experience magickal or psychic attacks?

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The Magic of Easter Eggs
by Janina Renée

Throughout the Old World, Easter eggs have been used as potent charms and for attracting luck and warding off troubles. Easter eggs are also among the most charming and meaningful Pagan  symbols, named as they are for the Goddess Eostre or Ostara, who presides over the Eastern Quarter, the Dawn, and the resurgence of life in Spring. As we approach this Sabbat, Janina Renée provides some thoughts on how we can take greater pleasure in the seasonal tradition of decorating eggs.

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Who or What Are the Djinn?
by Philip Imbrogno

Genies have long been a part of our cultural lexicon, from Aladdin's lamp to I Dream of Jeannie to various literary tales. But are they really the harmless wish granters we in the West perceive them to be? According to Philip Imbrogno, co-author of The Vengeful Djinn, the answer is no. The Djinn are an ancient race, older than mankind, and they are indeed to be feared.

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10 Tips for Giving Dynamite Tea Leaf Readings
by Caroline Dow

Tea leaf reading, or tasseomancy, has been practiced as a form of divination probably ever since the first cup was brewed. But how does one make sense of the images left at the bottom of a cup? To help lift you over the hump—that clutch moment when you fear you’re floundering in a red sea of Rooibos—and onto the path toward giving dynamic readings, Caroline Dow, author of Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners, offers 10 easy-to-put-into-practice tips for interpretation.

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Three Relaxing Breaths: A Taoist Meditation Technique

Tarot: A Daily Spread

An Angelic Herbal Enchantment for Motivation

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Magical Candle Crafting, by Ember Grant
Magical Candle Crafting
by Ember Grant

The Vengeful Djinn
The Vengeful Djinn
by Philip Imbrogno & Rosemary Ellen Guiley - Reader's Top Picks - January 2011

  1. The Un-Spell Book
    by Mya Om

  2. Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons
    by Jean-Louis de Biasi

  3. Sun Signs & Past Lives
    by Bernie Ashman

  4. How to Become a Witch
    by Amber K & Azrael Arynn K

  5. Self-Empowerment and Your Subconscious Mind
    by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke & Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.

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