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Occupy Your Spirit
by Michelle DesPres - March 2012

There have been periods throughout history in which humanity has shined. Eras known as the Golden Age, the Renaissance, and the Age of Enlightenment were times that expanded our perspective and forever altered our ideals of life and what it means to live. Humanity has once again reached another one of these magnificent times in which it is being called to fulfill its greatest potential.

We are now well on our way into the journey of 2012. Over the ten years I have worked as a clairvoyant, I have been asked many times if I think 2012 is the "end times," to which I always reply, "Yes. It is absolutely the end of time, but only as we know it. It is also the beginning of a new and magical time that we have only begun to define."

Earth is ancient. She has had a time of living in the light, and a time of living in the dark. With our current shift of time, she can now hold a balance between her polarities—which in turn offers the whole of humanity the opportunity for balance. As the earth shifts her climates, humanity must learn to shift its climate of being as well, suggesting we are all in need of a fundamental re-education.

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An Interview with Michelle DesPres, Author of The Clairvoyant Path
by Llewellyn

1. Your new book is titled, The Clairvoyant Path: Follow Your Inner Wisdom to Healing, Empowerment & Change. Why do you see clairvoyance as a means to healing and personal empowerment? Michelle DesPres

Clairvoyance is truly one of the most intriguing subjects of the day. In a time when science is evolving into a quantum understanding, clairvoyance is the quantum tool that allows us to witness what was previously unseen and to explore what was previous thought to be impossible. Clairvoyance allows us to read the symbolism of our lives, both inwardly and outwardly, which in turn offers us an understanding of where we need healing and how to become empowered to create personal change. When we can see for ourselves the root cause of our issues—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—we suddenly have understanding of the purpose and plan for these issues and how to grow through their experiences. Healing is all about learning to grow through experiences. When we grow, we gain in power; when we gain in power we become more adept at creating the life we desire. We have a brilliant opportunity with the shifting times today to learn to live authentically in peace and balance with the world. Clairvoyance is the key to maintaining this balance and learning to create from a greater sense of being and purpose.

2. Do you have personal experience with this path? That is to say, what life experiences prompted you to write this book?

I have been walking the clairvoyant path for many years. What I have learned is that I came upon this path like most people—through a life crisis. The problem with that is that by the time we have reached crisis we are so far off the path it takes a lot of effort to get back on it—not to mention that it’s completely unnecessary.

Growing up I had several psychic moments that I never knew were psychic moments. Unfortunately, as children we are taught that otherworldly experiences don’t really exist. We are discouraged from following our intuition and expected to not question but do as we are told. We are taught to trust others and to deny self, which is completely counter-intuitive—leaving people without access to their internal rudder system, which is why we so often go adrift ending up in crisis. This is exactly what happened to me. I had become so used to denying my instincts and striving to meet other people’s expectations, which, for some reason I could never meet, that I felt suffocated, dis-empowered, isolated, confused, and overwhelmed. Then one day my psychic door swung back open just as I was in the midst of crisis.

Many years ago, I was going through a cycle of emotional upheaval; I was just beginning to understanding the many things in my life that needed to change that would require me to make difficult decisions. I was upset and in tears, when out of the blue I heard the voice of a woman compassionately telling me not to fret—that everything would be okay. Although there was no one with me in the room, I heard her as clearly as if she were standing in front of me. The love and conviction in her voice rang true, and I believed her. For the first time in a long time, I felt faith in knowing that no matter what was going to happen that it would be all right. That’s when I knew what I was really lacking in my life was an understanding of my spirit and the spirits of those around me. I could alter all the circumstances of my life, but until I understood that part of me that was spirit no change would ever suffice or sustain.

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The Economics and Politics of Incense
by Carl F. Neal

When thinking about the world's history, the use of incense is not something that is likely to come to mind. However, incense has had a shaping role in the economies and politics of societies the world over for thousands of years. How can such a small, humble stick hold so much power? Carl F. Neal, author of Incense Magick, explains.

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Sacred Fire
by Ellen Evert Hopman

Two of the most popular deities within the Celtic pantheon are Lugh and Brighid, both of whom Fire deities invoked during festivals of Wheel of the Year. Here Ellen Evert Hopman, Druid and author of Priestess of the Fire Temple, discusses the sacred fire of the Celts and how we, too, can honor the fire deities.

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Living With a Ghost
by Kenneth W. Harmon

In the summer of 2007, Ghost Under Foot author Kenneth Harmon and his family discovered that they had a ghost inhabiting their Fort Collins, Colorado home. Spurred by paranormal experiences at the famously haunted Stanley Hotel, the Harmons begin their investigation. Instead of diminishing, the ghostly experiences increase as the Harmons grow closer to Mary Bell Wilson, the spirit inhabiting their home.

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March: The Emperor and the Vernal Equinox

A Feng Shui Color Guide for the Garden

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The Clairvoyant Path, by Michelle DesPres
The Clairvoyant Path
by Michelle DesPres

Dr. John Dee's Spiritual Diaries, edited by Stephen Skinner
Dr. John Dee's Spiritual Diaries
Edited by Stephen Skinner

Ghost Under Foot, by Kenneth W. Harmon
Ghost Under Foot
by Kenneth W. Harmon

Incense Magick, by Carl F. Neal
Incense Magick
by Carl F. Neal

Liber Lunae, by Don Karr
Liber Lunae: Book of the Moon
Edited by Don Karr

Priestess of the Fire Temple, by Ellen Evert Hopman
Priestess of the Fire Temple
by Ellen Evert Hopman - Reader's Top Picks - January 2011

  1. Astrology on the Cusp
    by Sally Cragin

  2. The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment
    by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke &   Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.

  3. Spells for Tough Times
    by Kerri Connor

  4. Brain Magick
    by Philip H. Farber

  5. The Good Energy Book
    by Tess Whitehurst

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