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by Alexandra Chauran - November 2015

Why is spirituality important? Do we need to strengthen our current relationship with the divine? What if we are an Atheist or Agnostic? Alexandra Chauran, author of the new 365 Ways to Strengthen Your Spirituality, details just how spirituality—no matter how you identify your Divine—can help us in our daily lives, and how her spirituality will aid her personal journey with breast cancer.

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by Llewellyn

1. Your many books have spanned quite a few topics, from crystal ball reading to feng shui to compassion. What inspired you to write your latest book, 365 Ways to Strengthen Your Spirituality?

Alexandra ChauranI was inspired to write a book about developing spirituality because I had begun mentoring potential spiritual students. As a Wiccan, I spend a year and a day (or more) with potential students before initiating and training them. I wished that I had some sort of curriculum to spend that year and a day more wisely, so I wrote my own. Concurrently, I was trying to help some loved ones who struggle with prayer become more comfortable with the spirituality they craved. I kept those loved ones in mind as I wrote about ways to overcome feeling silly when trying to get spiritual.

2. How do you define spirituality? Is it something we all experience in unique ways, or do you identify it more with a codified belief system?

I believe that plenty of people can be spiritual without any sort of religious label. Many people are hungry for spirituality, even if they identify as agnostic. I tried to make my book accessible to people of all belief systems, from die-hard baptized or initiated folks, to curious seekers.

3. Why is it important for us to strengthen our connection to the divine?

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An Accessible Guide to the Thoth Tarot
by Barbara Moore

Anyone who wishes to learn tarot can find a plethora of books on the subject. Anyone wishing to study the Rider Waite Tarot in depth can also find many, many books to choose from. However, for students of the Thoth Tarot, there are fewer options and the options available don’t always seem to have the goal of enlightening the reader. Here, tarot expert Barbara Moore presents the wealth of information found in the new, full-color Ultimate Guide to the Thoth Tarot, which stands apart from other choices in terms of clarity and presentation of information.

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Psychic Vision: 3 Easy Ways
by Melanie Barnum

We can all learn to develop our psychic vision, whether we've already discovered this gift or are brand new to it. By simply using our imagination, visualizing, and playing with symbols, we can hone our psychic skills. Melanie Barnum, author of the new Psychic Vision, provides three ways to practice our psychic skills.

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Chakras Around the World: Are There Really Seven Chakras?
by Cyndi Dale

If you've ever taken a yoga class—or studied the chakras—you've probably been told that you have seven chakras. And you do—sort of. The truth is that the number of chakras you might perceive, as well as ideas about their function, is based on cultural viewpoint. For instance, a few hundred years ago, many Hindu experts said there are six, not seven, chakras. Yet others counted dozens of chakras. And yet, most people in the West conclusively believe there are seven Hindu-based chakras. So which number of chakras is correct? Is there even a correct number? Cyndi Dale, author of the forthcoming Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras, explains.

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A Checklist: 5 Considerations When Examining Paranormal Phenomena
by Sarah Soderlund

Many times, when conducting a paranormal investigation (or even simply experiencing something "going bump in the night"), we can jump to conclusions when often the experience is a product of our own mind or body. Because of this, having an assessment guide on hand during an investigation can be both empowering and helpful in determining a phenomenon's cause. Sarah Soderlund, author of the new book Haunted by the Abyss, presents a checklist of five things to consider when determining the cause of any seeming paranormal occurrence.

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Psychic Vision, by Melanie Barnum
Psychic Vision
by Melanie Barnum

Tending Brigid's Flame, by Lunaea Weatherstone
Tending Brigid's Flame
by Lunaea Weatherstone

The Ultimate Guide to the Thoth Tarot, by Johannes Fiebig & Evelin Burger
The Ultimate Guide to the Thoth Tarot
by Johannes Fiebig & Evelin Bürger

The Wildwood Way, by Cliff Seruntine
The Wildwood Way
by Cliff Seruntine

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