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Love Never Dies—Just Ask a Spirit
by Mark Anthony - October 2011

One of the most rewarding things about communicating with spirits is helping people to understand that love is eternal. When someone you love dies, your relationship with that person does not cease to exist. Instead, it is transformed from a physical relationship into a spiritual one. Love transcending physical death is one of many healing messages from the Other Side presented in my upcoming book, Never Letting Go.

What makes Never Letting Go different, and me as the author different, from other books by psychic mediums is that I bridge a gap between two different worlds. By day, I’m a criminal defense attorney, and by night, I’m a psychic medium  who communicates with spirits. This seems to surprise a lot of people, who tend to think of law and mediumship as two opposing professions. I don’t see it that way, since both jobs are about helping people. As a lawyer I solve legal problems, and as a medium I help people cope with loss. In Never Letting Go, I explain how I combine my skills as a lawyer and my abilities as a medium to help people heal from grief—with love and help from the Other Side.

Never Letting Go will help guide you on your journey through grief, inspire you with evidence for the existence of an Afterlife, teach you to recognize when your loved ones in spirit are near, and help you heal with loving messages of hope from the Other Side. Never Letting Go is a page-turner. It’s the type of book that will keep you up at night because you won’t want to put it down. It’s based on real stories about real people who are coping with the loss of loved ones. However, the true heroes of Never Letting Go are spirits, because they are the ones who reach out from the Other Side with love to help in the healing process.

My ongoing work as "The Psychic Lawyer" is to present proof of the existence of the Afterlife through a practice known as Evidential Mediumship. This technique requires that the medium present specific facts and personality traits of the spirit to verify the spirit’s identity. Never Letting Go shows how Evidential Mediumship provides such proof. This book takes the unnecessary fear out of spirit contact, and will show you how your loved ones never abandon you. Once you can recognize and understand the contact from a beloved spirit, you will see how therapeutic connecting with the Other Side can be.

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An Interview with Mark Anthony, Author of the Never Letting Go
by Llewellyn

1. You have been a lawyer for over twenty years. When in your life did you recognize your psychic gifts? Mark Anthony

My abilities as a psychic medium emerged when I was about four years old. In Never Letting Go, I explain what it was like to have parents who understood that I could see spirits. In fact, both of my parents, along with my sister and brother, all have psychic and mediumistic abilities, so this wasn’t looked at as weird or strange. For me, growing up in a psychic family was my reality.

On the other hand, it seemed that my siblings and I really couldn’t get away with anything. Mom and Dad always seemed to "know" what was going on with us and what we were doing. However, there was another side to this that was extremely beneficial. Because of her intuitive  abilities, my mother saved my brother’s life when he was about fifteen years old. She had a "bad feeling" about him going out one afternoon with some of his friends. Trusting in her feelings, she decided to send him to a neighbor’s house before his friends drove up to our house.

When they arrived, Mom explained my brother wasn’t home. She then insisted the boys to be careful and told them to drive safely. Twenty minutes later, these three teenage boys were killed in a high speed car accident. It was a horrible tragedy, and one my brother was rescued from because of Mom’s intuitive sense. Needless to say, we learned pretty early in life to listen to Mom.

2. How do you incorporate your intuitive gifts into your everyday life?

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Tarot: The Lo Shu Magic Square Spread
by Josephine Ellershaw

A number of similarities exist between Tarot and Eastern philosophy, such as polarity or the force of opposites that we face on the path toward integration. Polarities and their integration towards wholeness is a recurring theme worldwide in various philosophies, as we seek to find our balanced position within the universe. Josephine Ellershaw, author of Easy Tarot Reading, merges these two paths with the Lo Shu Magic Square Tarot spread.

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Ghosts Are Where You Find Them
by Marcus F. Griffin

Extreme Paranormal Investigations author Marcus F. Griffin and his wife recently moved from northern Indiana to Colorado, leaving behind a host of friends, family, and familiar spirits. But what they found was that, while they missed the ghosts and spirits they had left behind, ghosts are wherever you find them.

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Using Predictive Astrology to Understand the Last Two Eclipses of 2011
by Kris Brandt Riske, M.A.

As a divination tool, predictive astrology is really about planning your future. Why? Because life and astrology are not at all fateful. The choices you make are what are fateful, and by making informed decisions, you increase your odds for success in your job, relationships, finances, and much more. Here astrologer Kris Brandt Riske, M.A., author of Llewellyn's Complete Book of Predictive Astrology, uses the last two eclipses of 2011 to illustrate the power of predictive astrology.

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Magick: Changing Your Brain
by Philip H. Farber

Until nearly the end of the Twentieth Century, most neuroscientists believed that once a human brain was formed in childhood, it would remain pretty much the same throughout its life. in the 1980s, however, scientists changed their minds about brain change. We now know that the brain not only can rewire itself very quickly, it can also grow new cells. What does this have to do with Magick? Philip H. Farber, author of Brain Magick: Exercises in Meta-Magick and Invocation, explains.

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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

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Shopping for the Magickal Amid the Mundane - New Releases - October 2011

Brain Magick, by Philip H. Farber
Brain Magick
by Philip H. Farber

Easy Tarot Reading, by Josephine Ellershaw
Easy Tarot Reading
by Josephine Ellershaw

Extreme Paranormal Investigations, by Marcus F. Griffin
Extreme Paranormal Investigations
by Marcus F. Griffin

Never Letting Go, by Mark Anthony
Never Letting Go
by Mark Anthony - Reader's Top Picks - January 2011

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