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You May Be More of a Medium Than the Medium!
by Debra Lynne Katz - Article Name - September 2008

NBC’s hit show Medium is my all time favorite television show about psychics. I’ll admit that the story lines and situations that the main character, Allison Dubois, finds herself in are a bit far-fetched and bloodier than I’d prefer, but I think it’s one of the best narrative shows out there that demonstrates what being psychic is all about. It quite effectively highlights the many challenges all psychics struggle with. By “psychics,” I am referring not only to those who hang their shingle out as such; I am including the multitudes of people who spontaneously experience their psychic abilities from time to time with little to no understanding of how to control them. Allison Dubois, the show’s main character (who is fashioned after a real life medium of the same name—though I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting the real Allison DuBois, I’ve heard she is a talented psychic and a genuinely nice person) can be credited with bringing information and understanding of psychic phenomena to living rooms across the nation. Truth be told, you may be more like the Allison DuBois (at least as portrayed on TV) than you think.

As portrayed on Medium, Allison gains most of her psychic information from dreams that are either precognitive (telling of events to come) or that offer clues about past events. “Clues” are the key word here: when she wakes up, she rarely understands the meanings of her disturbing dreams, although as the show has progressed, so has her faith in, and attention to, these dreams. It’s usually not until she goes about her day and encounters certain elements of her dreams, such as people and particular situations, that she can even begin making sense of them. This tends to be how it is for most of us in real life, whether we are professional psychics or complete novices. (It’s like opening a pictureless box of little puzzle pieces; it feels chaotic and impossible to make sense of until certain patterns emerge.) Just like the TV Allison, most of us have a hard time distinguishing whether a particular dream (or feeling, for that matter) is prophetic, if it’s a symptom of anxiety, or something we ate for dinner.

While these dreams come spontaneously to Allison, there are definitely ways the rest of us work with dreams in order to obtain helpful information. One of the most effective techniques is to imagine that you are giving that mysterious part of yourself that is in charge of your dreams a good talking to. Insist that this part of yourself will give you a dream that very night that will answer your question or solve your dilemma, and that you will absolutely recall the dream upon waking. You can even write this intention down on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow. The most important thing here happens upon waking. You must write down your dream, even if all you can recall at first is the slightest whiff of emotion. Repeat this process every night until you get results. I guarantee that within a week you will be dreaming in vivid color and with vastly improved recall. There is only one catch to all this (there always is one): This will only work if you are really, truly open to hearing the truth.

About nine years ago I left my job as a Federal Probation Officer and moved to the Philippines, in order to study with a variety of faith healers. After a few months there, I became quite ill with strange symptoms and grew concerned that I had a serious problem. In an attempt to gain insight into my situation, I completed the above process. The second night, I dreamed that a little boy with dark hair, skin, and eyes approached my bed. He took my hand. There was another boy standing much farther away in the background. He stated, “You don’t realize this yet, but we are your future children.” He then put his hand on my heart and did some sort of energy healing. When I woke up the next morning I recorded the dream in my journal and wondered (for about half a second), “Could I possibly be pregnant?” Naw! I now felt even more frustrated than before, since I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the meaning of this dream. In fact, it took almost six more weeks, three trips to the doctor, more acupuncture needles than I ever want to remember, and three inconclusive pregnancy tests to confirm the meaning of the dream. Today, my most beloved creation is my son, who heals me every time I look into his huge brown eyes or admire his dark beautiful skin. (He looks much more like his Filipino father then myself.) Yes folks, denial is deeper and longer than the Nile!

One of the things that surprised me about Medium’s Allison DuBois is how heavily she gains her information from dreams as opposed to other methods of accessing one’s abilities. I know from first-hand experience and through the education of thousands of other people through my books and workshops that it is quite easy and very possible to access psychic information during the waking state, such as through visions or messages from beyond. This is done through intention, focus, and simple visualization techniques. To learn more about these, you might want to check out my books, You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading and Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Psychic Abilities.

There have been more than a few times when I wished that the TV Allison was a bit more (ok, a lot more) conscious of how other spirits or energies were controlling her, but perhaps this is a way for the show’s writers to create more conflict and tension. Conflict and tension certainly result in our own lives when we aren’t aware of these things! In some of the most intriguing episodes, malevolent spirits have actually possessed Allison’s character, and, as you can imagine, this wreaked excruciating havoc on her relationships with friends and family. My hope is that this will not give viewers the wrong impression that to be psychic means to suffer. Fortunately, in real life there are many techniques you can learn that will help you to communicate effectively with spirits while remaining in charge of your body and senses. There are simple ways to recognize when you are being influenced by other entities and/or the thoughts and emotions of other living people, as well as easy and effective methods you can employ to rid yourself of negative influences.

One of the things Medium most effectively captures is Allison’s struggle with others around her who don’t believe in or understand her “gifts.” Even though she is on the payroll for the office of the District Attorney, she spends much of the time in the proverbial closet. She leaves her three daughters every day to put herself in harm’s way, and receives little to no appreciation for her efforts. She sometimes even encounters hostility from those for whom she’s just sacrificed her life. From personal experience, I can tell you that this is the most painful thing about being psychic, and is why so many people shy away from exploring their own abilities.

In addition to solving crimes, the show’s episodes always contain a subplot that concerns Allison’s home life. The show closely parallels the contradictions that many real life psychics encounter in their relationships with their loved ones. Allison’s husband (as portrayed on the show), while not as hunky as Brad Pitt, is in every other way the picture -perfect husband. However, as much as he wants to understand her, he clearly struggles with his wife’s mediumship. He fluctuates between honoring her premonitions to being highly irritated by them (though it is my opinion that it is more Alison’s obsessive fascination with her visions than the dreams themselves that torment him so). Sometimes Allison’s husband clearly just wants her to be “normal.” Sometimes she herself just wants to be “normal.” I think most people who experience psychic abilities (in our society, at any rate) have had that feeling. This is unfortunate, since our sixth sense is really as normal and natural as our more accepted senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.

As the seasons have progressed, Allison’s daughters have come to exhibit more of her abilities; she and her husband have struggled with how much to encourage them and how much to protect them (both from themselves and from the limited stereotypes of others). Fortunately, Allison’s kids have the benefit of having two parents who are not going to tell them they are nuts or the spawn of the devil for having these experiences. It is my hope that this is making an impression on viewers who are also parents of psychic children and who are unsure of how to deal with and help them.

Allison, as portrayed by Medium, obtains much of her intuitive information through communication with deceased spirits. While many real-life psychics communicate with the dead, this is only one small part of what they do; because of this, viewers are getting a limited view of what being psychic is all about. Communication with the deceased is just one specialized psychic talent. When I am utilizing my clairvoyance (the ability to see information in the form of visions and images), spirits do sometimes show up spontaneously. However, more often than not, I am accessing information directly from a source without the use of these ethereal middle men (and women). I can choose to “see” visions myself or rely on messages and interpretations supplied by spirits. Both ways of accessing information have their pros and cons, and I utilize both methods when working with clients.

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Author Michelle Belanger Makes Onscreen Debut on Paranormal State
by Llewellyn

Walking the Twilight Path Author Featured on A & E Show on Paranormal Activity

St. Paul, MN, August 28, 2008 – Michelle Belanger, author of Llewellyn’s Vampires in their Own Words, Walking the Twilight Path, and the forthcoming Haunting Experiences, was featured on A & E’s show Paranormal State.

 Walking the Twilight Path

The episode, “The Messenger,” which originally aired on Monday, August 25, centers on a retired couple that witnesses a headless apparition. The prolific author and artist has been consulted on past episodes, but “The Messenger” is the first in which Belanger is onscreen. She has filmed three episodes, and will likely continue to be featured on the show in the future.

Paranormal State follows Paranormal Research Society founder Ryan Buell and his team of investigators as they investigate paranormal phenomena, including sixth-sense experiences, ghost sightings, and demonic disturbances. Founded by Buell in 2001, the PRS works on cases across the country and is one of the most recognized paranormal societies in the nation.

New episodes can be seen Mondays at 10 PM, 9 PM Central.

Michelle Belanger is a popular author best known for her writings on psychic vampirism and the modern vampire subculture. A self-professed energy vampire, she has appeared on several other radio and televisions shows, including the British documentary American Vampires, Peter Anthony Holder’s Soul Call, Coast to Coast, the X-Zone, as well as appearances on the History Channel, WE!, and most recently, A & E’s Paranormal State. Michelle has also been interviewed for an upcoming HBO documentary about vampires that is set to coincide with the debut of the HBO series True Blood.

The episode “The Messenger” is available on YouTube, in three parts:

About Michelle Belanger

Michelle Belanger (Ohio) is a popular author best known for her writings on psychic vampirism and the modern vampire subculture. A self-professed energy vampire, she has appeared on the British documentary American Vampires, Peter Anthony Holder’s Soul Call, Coast to Coast, the X-Zone, as well on the History Channel, WE!, and A&E. She has lectured at colleges across the United States and occasionally tours with her Chicago-based dark metal band URN. More information can be found at and

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Easy Magick 1-2-3’s Harvest Projects
by Silver RavenWolf
From mid-August through October, seasonal energies naturally demand completion and closure. This tying up loose ends, finishing summer projects, and preparing for the cold weather can keep us busy; so busy that we may feel rushed, harried, and worst of all, unable to dedicate large blocks of time to magickally fun projects that would normally ease our stress and keep the harmony flowing. With your busy lifestyle in mind, Silver RavenWolf, author of the newly released HedgeWitch, has developed two easy, artsy projects sure to please the entire family and wow your magickal visitors!

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Celebrating the Harvest Season
by Deborah Blake
The harvest festivals are one of the most important traditions handed down to us from our earlier Pagan ancestors. These holidays may seem irrelevant to the modern Witch, who often doesn’t even have a garden, but I actually think that they serve an important purpose. Deborah Blake, author of Circle, Coven & Grove and the newly-released Everyday Witch A to Z, discusses the importance of the harvest festivals to today's Witch.

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Magical Teens in Anime and Manga
by Magnolia Clark (D. Davidson) 
Being a teenager is a challenging time, for sure. There are the physical and emotional changes, as a person grows in that strange space between childhood and adulthood. It’s a time of pain and happiness and everything in-between. Many teens would be absolutely beside themselves to have magical powers, imagining magic wands to turn ancient history teachers into squawking chickens or making the captain of the football team (or cheerleading squad, as the case may be) fall madly in love with them. Certainly this would make any teen’s life easier (so it would seem), but those teens new to magic and witchcraft often have a misconception of what they really entail. Why are the teen years so often a time when people delve into magic and paganism? Why does the media reflect this?

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Celebrating the Harvest Season

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New Worlds September/October 2008

The September/October issue of New Worlds  is here! Download the PDF file of the latest issue of New Worlds or click here to sign up and have it delivered to your home!

The Masters Behind Llewellyn’s Witch School Series Bring You a Free Pagan Concert!

Earlier this year, Witch School’s Magick TV was honored to be invited to cover the Wendy Rule concert at the Cedar Theater in Minneapolis, featuring Felonious Bosch and Kari Tauring, with Master of Ceremonies Steven Posch of Radio Paganistan. The concert was sponsored by the Eye of Horus bookstore, whose owners Thraicie Hawkner and Jane Hansen as well as the performers agreed to allow Magick TV to film and bring you this concert commercial-free on the Internet.

The concert footage is interwoven with interviews with Eye of Horus owners Thraicie Hawkner and Jane Hansen, and performers Kari Tauring, Tamara Rogers, and Wendy Rule. Professional audio was provided by Drew Miller of Omnium Recordings. Combining all these elements, Magick TV is proud to present this concert commercial-free as a 15 part series on and presented through - Llewellyn Encyclopedia - September 2008

Equal night. That time, or place, in the ecliptic where the days and nights are of equal length, which happens twice yearly when the Sun enters Aries (Vernal equinox) and Libra (Autumnal equinox), from whence these signs derive the term, equinoctial signs.

Akashic Records
A recording of all events that have ever occurred and said to be stored in a spiritual substance, Akasha, that surrounds the earth.

A person who allows a spirit to speak through them. This involves the (usually) willing participation of the channeler who temporarily allows a spirit to “possess” their body. A spirit medium may or may not be a channeler. Also known as a “trance medium” (and incorrectly a “transmedium”).

New Worlds of Mind and Spirit

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