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What Is Meditation?
by Robert Butera, Ph.D. - September 2012

Meditation can be defined in a literal manner as an exercise of focusing the mind on one thought, image, feeling, or concept. In the concentration-oriented meditation methods, the mind focuses on a word, a prayer, a visual image, a spiritual concept, or the breath. With the mindfulness type of meditation, you may simply set the mind in observer mode. Each of the literal definitions of meditation works toward a similar goal of quieting the mind.

Another version to this question could be, "What is meditation in terms of how it relates to daily life?" Suddenly, the literal translation of an activity extends into the relationship between the practice of meditation and life.

At this point a tension exists between two parties—meditation and life. Does practicing meditation by sitting still each day from five to thirty minutes improve your life? Or does engineering your life in the direction of simplicity make you capable of meditating? In other words: Which comes first (the chicken or the egg question)—meditation or a healthy lifestyle?

Let's start from the meditation point of view. If you are going to be disciplined enough to sit still for an average of twenty minutes a day, that means you have to make sure that you have the proper food, because you can't concentrate on meditation if you are hungry. You must be rested, or you will fall asleep five minutes into your meditation. If you haven't exercised, you will feel antsy during meditation practice. And, if you haven't cleared some free time with your family members, it will be very frustrating to meditate at home. At work, it is better to decrease any stress-based reactions to keep the mind steady for your evening meditation. Pretty much, just sitting to meditate causes you to balance every aspect of your life.

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Back to Top - Author Interview - September 2012

by Llewellyn

1. You founded the YogaLife Institute, and your previous book (The Pure Heart of Yoga) focused on yoga. Your new book, Meditation for Your Life, focuses on different styles of meditation. Why now a book on meditation?

Robert Butera, Ph.D.

These days, yoga has become known for its stellar fitness results. However, mind-body fitness occupies only the first few limbs of yoga’s famous 8-Fold Path. The steps of the yoga path that include yoga poses are technically steps one to five. These first five steps of yoga are highlighted in my first book, The Pure Heart of Yoga. The final three steps of yoga (please note that there are many forms of yoga, and this is the aspect that covers physical yoga postures) are named Concentration, Meditation, and Trance Consciousness. These final three points are the content of this second book, Meditation for Your Life. This second book is a continuation of the first.

2. Many people often think of meditation as a one-size-fits-all type of practice, yet Meditation for Your Life introduces six different types of meditation. From where do these six different types originate?

The short answer is: during my Yoga Therapy Ph.D. in a twenty-page term paper on Meditation. Assignments at the Ph.D. level are more open-ended so long as a compelling 20-page, footnoted essay was crafted.

What to write on Meditation that wasn’t written? Traditional Yogis believe in teaching in the one-to-one format and only practices that relate to each student’s life. With meditation, the adept yogi is to know all the methods of meditation and teach the student the one best for his/her disposition.

I figured it was time to simplify the hundreds of meditation exercises into categories that summarize the type of mental processing. After weeks of research, these six were born. The YogaLife Institute has taught this program for years now, and feel that these categories are solid (that is not just me speaking, but our instructors and students as well). The six categories are:

  1. Breathing Meditation
  2. Mantra Meditation
  3. Visualization
  4. Intentionality, Prayer/Nature
  5. Contemplative Inquiry
  6. Mindfulness

3. How does one determine what style of meditation is right for them? Is there any harm in using the "wrong" style of meditation?

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How Blissful Are You? Take the Quiz
by Tess Whitehurst

Metaphysics isn't about adding something else into our lives, like a ritual. It's opening up to, and tapping into, the generous flow of prosperity that is already in existence. Consciously manifesting things that bring us joy, then, is a process of opening up to who we really are and aligning with the divine energies that naturally want to flow through our life experience. Tess Whitehurst, author of The Art of Bliss, explains the concepts of manifesting joy and happiness in our lives, and provides a quiz to discover how each of the nine keys to bliss are currently present in our lives.

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Spirits Amongst the Dead
by Mariah de la Croix

Why would spirits want to hang around a mortuary, a place filled with depressing energy? Psychic intuitive Mariah de la Croix certainly didn't think that they would want to; her five years in the funeral business proved her wrong, however. Here she details just what it was like to be so up close and personal with the spirits that remained near the places of the recently deceased.

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Every Card Tells a Story: The Story Behind the Cards for Witches Tarot
by Ellen Dugan

The Witches Tarot deck, by Ellen Dugan and artist Mark Evans, began on a cold winter day almost three years ago. How did the deck come to be? Here, Ellen Dugan discusses the story behind the cards.

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Meditation for Your Life
by Robert Butera, Ph.D.

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Witch's Tarot, by Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans
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