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A Paranormal Life
by Marcus F. Griffin - September 2013

Is it possible to have so many paranormal experiences in a lifetime that we come to view them as commonplace? Marcus F. Griffin, author of Playing with the Devil, certainly believes so. Here he details his life of experiences "beyond normal explanation," including those he had as a member of his rock band Entropy, who dealt with a powerful, mysterious force they dubbed, "The Gray Man."

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by Llewellyn

1.Your first book was Extreme Paranormal Investigations, which detailed some of the more disturbing investigations you had conducted with WISP (Witches in Search of the Paranormal). Playing with the Devil is instead your own personal story. What compelled you to write a personal story rather than writing about the haunting experiences of others? 

The simple answer to this question is that I finally felt that it was time to tell our story. But where the paranormal is concerned, nothing is really "simple," is it? My impetus to write the story of Entropy and the Gray Man was born more from need than desire. The amazing and oftentimes terrifying paranormal events we experienced have left a lasting impression on my life and have haunted me for over thirty years now. My authorship finally presented me with a venue to be able to pass along my memories and experiences to a larger audience, and doing so has been quite cathartic. I also felt that the story of Entropy and the Gray Man had broad implications and was far too astonishing to not be chronicled and revealed to the rest of the world.

2. Playing with the Devil details the real-life experiences of you and your band, Entropy, as you dealt with paranormal forces that threatened to tear you apart. When did you first realize that you were dealing with a force that was potentially evil?

I'll preface the answer to this question by saying that not all of the members of Entropy believed that the entity we came to call the Gray Man was "evil." Although it is true that several of my bandmates did in fact come to believe that the Gray Man was none other than Satan himself, I have never personally believed this to be true. The entity that made contact with us was powerful without question, but in my opinion a better word to describe the Gray Man would be "manipulative" rather than evil. Over time it became clear to the five of us that in one form or another the Gray Man was using the members of Entropy for its own agenda and to fulfill a specific objective.

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Elemental Energy in the Hidden Realm
by Barbara Moore

All tarot decks have their own personality and their own strengths. The Tarot of the Hidden Realm, being inspired by the world of the fae, has a flavor all its own. Barbara Moore explains the power and wisdom awaiting users of this new deck.

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How a Devotional Practice Can Deepen Your Spirituality
by Clea Danaan

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a place to go each day, where we could slow down, reach out to the Divine, and let the feeling of Spirit fill you? This place does not need to be a physical place; rather, we can create our own by deepening our spiritual practice with daily activities of meditation and inspiration. Clea Danaan, author of Living Earth Devotional, explains why a daily devotional is so powerful in creating a deeper, more spiritually-fulfilled life.

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Re-Imagining the Holidays: 6 Ways to Resist Overabundance and Create Gratitude
by Sara Wiseman

From Thanksgiving to New Year's, many of us get trapped in a cycle of overabundance—the state of having too much. As in: more than we can use or process. Sara Wiseman, author of Becoming Your Best Self and Living a Life of Gratitude shows us how we can release these worn-out traditions and create new holiday experiences that fill us with simple abundance and gratitude.

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Discovering Medfield Insane Asylum
by Jamie Davis

In a little town called Medfield, Massachussetts, Jamie Davis and Sam Queen (co-authors of Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums) came upon the abandoned Medfield Insane Asylum. Used for location in the film Shutter Island, Jamie and Sam could only imagine what awaited them within the many buildings, all in various stages of degradation.

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Black Cats Tarot Deck, by Lo Scarabeo
  Black Cats Tarot Deck
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Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards, by Lo Scarabeo

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Draconis Journal
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All One Family: Appreciating Samhain as a Family

Tarot: The Four Worlds Spread - New Releases - September 2013

Battling Demons of Darkness, by Brandon Boston
Battling Demons of Darkness
by Brandon Boston

The Ghosts of Chicago, by Adam Selzer
The Ghosts of Chicago
by Adam Selzer

Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums, by Jamie Davis with Sam Queen
Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums
by Jamie Davis, with Sam Queen

Living Earth Devotional, by Clea Danaan
Living Earth Devotional
by Clea Danaan

Playing with the Devil, by Marcus F. Griffin
Playing with the Devil
by Marcus F. Griffin

Tarot of the Hidden Realm, by Barbara Moore & Julia Jeffrey
Tarot of the Hidden Realm
by Barbara Moore & Julia Jeffrey

The Victorian Fairy Tarot, by Gary Lippincott & Lunaea Weatherstone
The Victorian Fairy Tarot
by Gary Lippincott & Lunaea Weatherstone - Reader's Top Picks - September 2013

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