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Magick Update,  April 2013

Perfumed Dawn: Canaanite Magic Experiences a Revival
by Tess Dawson

The sun set on the Canaanite culture many years ago, but even as the Canaanites measured each new day with the dying light, so we have come through that night and into the next dawn. What is Canaanite magic, and how can we incorporate it into our daily lives? Tess Dawson, author of The Horned Altar: Rediscovering and Rekindling Canaanite Magic, explains.

April New and Notable Titles 
The Horned Altar, by Tess DawsonThe Horned Altar
by Tess Dawson

Raw. Real. Ancient. And nearly forgotten.

To practice Canaanite magic is to honor a spiritual ancestry that, until now, was beyond our understanding. Reawakening the beliefs of an ancient religion, The Horned Altar reveals how to transform the Canaanites’ rich culture of myth and ritual into a modern magical practice.

Explore Canaanite secrets that were recorded on cuneiform tablets over three thousand years ago. Discover how to forge relationships with deities and how to revitalize your passions. Learn the truth about a civilization unfairly portrayed as the blood-soaked villains of the Bible. Contemplate the deities of Canaan and the alphabets of the era; make a Babylonian demon protection bowl; and cast spells for healing, love, and protection. Feel the call of the ancient deities and connect to a spiritual ancestry that is older and deeper than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Invoking the Egyptian Gods, by Judith Page & Ken Biles
Invoking the Egyptian Gods
by Judith Page &
Ken Biles

Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods, by Judith Page & Jan A. Malique
Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods
by Judith Page &
Jan A. Malique

Magic from Brazil, by Morwyn
Magic From Brazil
by Morwyn

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - April 2013
Download our FREE New Worlds App! - Readers' Top Picks - April 2013
1.  The Kabbalah & Magic of Angels
      by Migene González-Wippler

2. Magical Qabalah for Beginners
      by Frater Barrabbas

3. Wandlore
      by Alferian Gwydion MacLir

4. Money Magick
      by Frater U∴D∴

5. Kabbalah for the Modern World
      by Migene González-Wippler - Quick Links - April 2013
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This Month: April 2013

The Magical Use of Thought Forms, by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki & J. H. Brennan
  Magical Use of Thought Forms
by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki &
J.H. Brennan

Animal Magick, by D.J. Conway
  Animal Magick
by D.J. Conway

The Dragon Keeper's Handbook, by Shawn MacKenzie
The Dragon Keeper's Handbook
by Shawn MacKenzie

Mystical Dragon Magick, by D.J. Conway
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