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Magick Update, January 2010

The Power of Secrets
by Donald Michael Kraig

The popularity of conspiracy theories seems to ebb and flow with the times, and right now there could not be more popular conspiracy books than those of Dan Brown. The author of The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons has recently released his third book featuring symboligist Robert Langdon: The Lost Symbol. Dealing with Freemasonry and its "influence," how can myth be separated from fact? John Michael Greer's new encyclopedic Secrets of the Lost Symbol details, word for word and topic by topic, the truth of the who, what, when, and where of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

January New Releases and Notable Titles 
Secrets of the Lost SymbolSecrets of the Lost Symbol
By John Michael Greer

An Unauthorized Guide to the
Secret societies   
Mystic traditions
Occult practices 
Esoteric symbols
Hidden codes 
Places and people

Featured in Dan Brown’s
The Lost Symbol

Secrets of the Lost Symbol is an essential resource for Dan Brown fans that want to know the facts behind the fiction.

From Abramelin the Mage to the Zohar, this encyclopedic unofficial companion guide to The Lost Symbol uncovers the forgotten histories of arcane traditions that have shaped—and still inhabit—our modern world.

Discover the truth about Freemasonry—a major theme in Brown’s best-selling novel—including its rituals, temples, and infamous members such as the legendary Albert Pike. Get the real story behind the Rosicrucians, the Temple of Solomon, and ancient occult rites.

by Mark Stavish

St. Mary Magdalene
St. Mary Magdalene
by Tau Malachi

Inside a Magical Lodge
Inside a Magical Lodge
by John Michael Greer

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - January 2010

  Llewellyn's Winter Sale! - Readers' Top Picks - January 2010
1.  The Golden Dawn Enochian
     Skrying Tarot

      by Bill & Judy Genaw and
     Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero

2. The New Encyclopedia of the

      by John Michael Greer

3. The Fourth Book of Occult

      by Donald Tyson

4. Self-Initation into the Golden Dawn

      by Chic Cicero &
     Sandra Tabatha Cicero

5. Portable Magic
      by Donald Tyson - Quick Links - January 2010
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