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Magick Update,  June 2012

Necronomicon: Stranger than Fiction
by Donald Tyson

The most famous book that never existed is the Necronomicon. It is said that those who study its contents go mad from the sheer monstrosity of its truths, for it reveals aspects of our world with which the human mind is not equipped to cope. The almost omnipotent beings it describes are more ancient than the beginnings of our species, and are indifferent to our fate, except that our struggles to survive may amuse them. In this article, author and occult scholar Donald Tyson discusses the Necronomicon and why he chooses to write about this nonexistent book and its secrets.

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June New & Notable Magick Titles 
The Long-Lost Friend, Edited by Daniel HarmsThe Long-Lost Friend
Edited by Daniel Harms

Originally published in 1820 near Reading, Pennsylvania, under the German title Der Lange Verborgene Freund, this text is the work of immigrant Johann George Hohman. A collection of herbal formulas and magical prayers, The Long-Lost Friend draws from the traditional folk magic of Pennsylvania Dutch customs and pow-wow healers.

This is authentic American folk magic at its best—household remedies combined with charms and incantations to cure common ailments and settle rural troubles. The most well-known grimoire of the New World, this work has influenced the practices of hoodoo, Santeria, Paganism, and other faiths. In this, the definitive edition, you’ll find:

• Both the original German text and the 1856 English translation
• More than one hundred additional charms and recipes, taken from the pirated 1837 Skippacksville edition and others
• Extensive notes on the recipes, magic, Pennsylvania Dutch customs, and the origin of many of the charms
• Indices for general purposes and ingredients
• Explanations of the specialized terminology of illnesses

Whether your interest lies in folklore, ethnobotany, magic, witchcraft, or American history, this classic volume is an essential addition to your library.

The 13 Gates of Necronomicon, by Donald Tyson

The Lovecraft Necronomicon Primer, by T. Allan Bilstad
The Lovecraft Necronomicon Primer
by T. Allan Bilstad

The Dream World of H. P. Lovecraft, by Donald Tyson

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - June 2012
Save up to 50% During Llewellyn's Summer Solstice Sale! Shop Now! - Readers' Top Picks - June 2012
1.  Practical Sigil Magic
      by Frater U∴D∴

2. Money Magic
      by Frater U∴D∴

3. The Dictionary of Demons
      by Michelle Belanger

4. Wandlore
      by Alferian Gwydion MacLir

5. The Angelical Language, Volume I
      by Aaron Leitch - Quick Links - June 2012
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