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Magick Update, March 2010

Channeling the Ancients to Write The Inner Guide to Egypt
by Alan Richardson

Alan Richardson and the late Billie Walker-John co-wrote The Inner Guide to Egypt with the help of an entity from the inner planes known as Kha'm-uas. Who exactly is this entity? What is this entity? How did the same entity appear to both someone in the South West of England and someone in sunny California? Co-author Alan Richardson explains.

March New Releases and Notable Titles 
The Inner Guide to EgyptThe Inner Guide to Egypt
By Alan Richardson & B. Walker-John

In the blossom of the lotus, divine fire springs . . . Such is the magic of Ancient Egypt.

Step into the mystical Henu Boat of exploration and begin a spiritual journey into Inner Egypt. This unique book guides you on a powerful self-initiation into the Egyptian Mysteries. As you travel along a river of inner consciousness symbolized by the Nile, you will visit sacred sites and see how each is linked to psychological and physiological aspects within. Bring Ancient Egyptian traditions to life and infuse your soul with the potent energies of the gods through guided meditations, visualizations, and other spiritually enriching techniques. Discover the dreamlike beauty and ageless wisdom of this magical land—and discover the divinity in yourself—as you learn about:

• The Great Pyramids
• Hieroglyphs
• Burial rites
• Ka and Ba, the Egyptian concept of soul
• Isis, Thoth, Osiris, and other deities

Your journey is about to begin. The heart of Ancient Egypt, and your higher self, await you . . .

Where Do Demons Live?
Where Do Demons Live?
by Frater U∴D∴

High Magic
High Magic
by Frater U∴D∴

High Magic II
High Magic II
by Frater U∴D∴

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - March 2010

  30% Off Sale! - Readers' Top Picks - March 2010
1.  Secrets of the Lost Symbol
      by John Michael Greer

2. Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune
      by Alan Richardson

3. The Seven Secrets of Crystal

      by Henry M. Mason

4. Magical Use of Thought Forms
      by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki &
     JH Brennan

5. The Path of Alchemy
      by Mark Stavish - Quick Links - March 2010
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