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Magick Update,  March 2011

Using the Astral Plane to Work Magical Rituals
by Johnnie Rokkets

When a medical condition prevented the author from participating in magical rituals, a little research (and a personal revelation) led him to the realization that he didn't need to move around to do magic; it could all be done via visualization, concentration, and energy direction. Here's how he rediscovered magic—using the astral plane.

March Notable Titles 
Soul Flight, by Donald TysonSoul Flight 
by Donald Tyson

Forget everything you thought you knew about astral projection and the astral realm. This revolutionary how-to guide by esoteric scholar Donald Tyson represents a theoretical breakthrough on the topic, exploring astral experiences from a quantum perspective. Tyson’s compelling theory proposes that the astral plane–a fantastic realm just as real as the physical world—is actually a dimension within our minds.

Soul Flight presents a captivating history of astral practice that goes back to prehistoric shamans, medieval witches, Golden Dawn magicians, Spiritualists, Theosophists, and Christian mystics and saints. It reconsiders mysteries both ancient and modern, offering fascinating and credible new insights into the following unexplained phenomena: 

• Fairy sightings  • UFO abductions • Shamanic journeys  • Lucid dreaming
• Near-death experiences  • Mystical powers of Christian saints and prophets
• Doppelgängers  • Secret government experiments such as remote viewing

This groundbreaking book features a comprehensive how-to section that presents a variety of techniques and practices for achieving your own astral experiences, such as creating personalized rituals and using astral doorways. Soul Flight also reveals everything you need to know about this extraordinary dimension, including the role of astral guides, the importance of psychic self-defense, and etiquette in the astral world.

Astral Projection Plain & Simple, by Osborne Philips
Astral Projection Plain & Simple
by Osborne Phillips

Astral Voyages, by Bruce Goldberg
Astral Voyages
by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Practical Guide to Astral Projection, by Denning & Phillips
Practical Guide to Astral Projection
by Denning & Phillips

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - March 2011
Llewellyn's Celtic and Druid Magick Sale! Save now! - Readers' Top Picks - March 2011
1.  Secrets and Practices of the

      by Jean-Louis de Biasi

2. Geomancy for Beginners
      by Richard Webster

3. Gnostic Healing
      by Tau Malachi & Siobhán Houston

4. Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
     by Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero

5. Modern Magick
      by Donald Michael Kraig - Quick Links - March 2011
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