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Magick Update, May 2014

Alchemy: History and Symbolism
by Raymond Buckland

Alchemy is considered one of the principle branches of the Western Esoteric Tradition. But while many students are familiar with astrology and the Qabalah, far fewer are acquainted with the basics of alchemy (which is often misrepresented and well-hidden). Here, Raymond Buckland presents a brief history of the "Philosophy" and its symbolism.

May New Titles 
The Philosopher's Secret Fire, by Patrick HarpurThe Philosopher's Secret Fire
by Patrick Harpur
Blue Angel Publishing

Is there any place for the ancient myths of our ancestors in modern times? Could their shadowy presence in our common imagination be more influential than we realize?

Across the globe many societies still believe in an Otherworld of spirits, gods and daimons, which the West has banished to the unconscious mind and now only visits in dreams. Yet this visionary tradition continues to subvert the rational universe, erupting out of the shadows in times of intense religious and philosophical transition.

In his dazzling history of the imagination, Patrick Harpur links together fields as far apart as Greek philosophy and depth psychology, Renaissance magic and tribal ritual, Romantic poetry and the ecstasy of the shaman, to trace how myths have been used to make sense of the world. He uncovers that tradition which alchemists imagined as a Golden Chain of initiates, who passed their mysterious ‘secret fire’ down through the ages.

As this inspiring book shows, the secret of this perennial wisdom is of an imaginative insight: a simple way of seeing that re-enchants our existence and restores us to our own true selves.

Ghost Journal, by Lo Scarabeo
Ghost Journal
by Lo Scarabeo

Night Sun Journal, by Lo Scarabeo
Night Sun Journal
by Lo Scarabeo

Spiritual Sealing Wax, by Lo Scarabeo
Spiritual Sealing Wax
by Lo Scarabeo

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - May 2014
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1.   Tarot Draconis
      by Lo Scarabeo

2. Wandlore
      by Alferian Gwydion MacLir

3. Golden Dawn Enochian
      Skrying Tarot

      by Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero
      and Billy & Judy Genaw

4.  Magic Pocket Journal
      by Lo Scarabeo

5. Tarot Talismans
      by Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero - Quick Links - May 2014
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This Month: May 2014

The Path of Alchemy, by Mark Stavish
  The Path of Alchemy
by Mark Stavish

The Philosopher's Stone, by Israel Regardie, Edited and Annotated by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero
  The Philosopher's Stone
by Israel Regardie;
Edited and Annotated by Chic Cicero &
Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Money Magic, by Frater U∴D∴
Money Magic
by Frater U∴D∴

The Magician's Companion, by Bill Whitcomb
The Magician's Companion
by Bill Whitcomb
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