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Magick Update, October 2009

Solomon's Keys: Revealing the Origins of Modern Ritual Practices
by David Rankine

The Veritable Key of Solomon

Most magicians have a routine they follow prior to casting a spell: creating a ritual space, casting a circle, and consulting a Book of Shadows. From where do these practices come? David Rankine, co-author of The Veritable Key of Solomon, discusses how the Key of Solomon helped shape ritual as we know it today.

More on this topic:
  •  Alchemy and the Alchemists, by Raymond
  •  Choosing an Esoteric Group, by Nick Farrell
  •  Creating Earth, by Jason Kitchen

October New Releases and Notable Titles 
Lovecraft Necronomicon Primer, by T. Allan BilstadThe Lovecraft Necronomicon Primer
by T. Allan Bilstad

Elder things. Ghasts. Night-gaunts.

Meet the creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos, denizens of the dark but brilliant imagination of H. P. Lovecraft. The collection of horror and fantasy he penned during his short lifetime is a legacy that has terrified and inspired generations of fans. Lovecraft’s tales reveal the horror of seeing what has been hidden from humanity for good reason.

Written for those curious about Lovecraft and his work, this illustrated guide presents detailed descriptions of twenty-nine of the monsters, creatures, and gods that inhabit Lovecraft’s macabre fictional universe, without any spoilers that could ruin a future read of his stories. It also includes an introduction to the man regarded as the father of American horror.

Alhazred, by Donald Tyson
by Donald Tyson

Grimiore of the Necronomicon, by Donald Tyson

Necronomicon, by Donald Tyson
by Donald Tyson

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - October 2009 - Readers' Top Picks - October 2009
1.  Truth About Evocation of Spirits
      by Donald Michael Kraig

2. Necronomicon Tarot
      by Donald Tyson & Anne Stokes

3. The Truth About Enochian Magick
      by Gerald & Betty Schueler

4. The Veritable Key of Solomon
      by Steven Skinner & David Rankine

5. The Rites of Odin
      by Ed Fitch - Quick Links - October 2009
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