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Magick Update,  October 2011

Magick: Changing Your Brain
by Philip H. Farber 

Until nearly the end of the Twentieth Century, most neuroscientists believed that once a human brain was formed in childhood, it would remain pretty much the same throughout its life. in the 1980s, however, scientists changed their minds about brain change. We now know that the brain not only can rewire itself very quickly, it can also grow new cells. What does this have to do with Magick? Philip H. Farber, author of Brain Magick: Exercises in Meta-Magick and Invocation, explains.

October New and Notable Titles 
Brain Magick, by Philip H. FarberBrain Magick
by Philip H. Farber

How powerful, seductive, or mythical
would you like your life to be?

The ultimate goal of invocation is to infuse your life with more excitement, purpose, and passion. Recent discoveries in neuroscience suggest that the magical practices of evocation and invocation are based in natural brain functions—this book is the first to present a theory of magick based on the new research. Brain Magick is packed full of exercises (more than 70) that illustrate the principles of neuroscience and magick, and has everything you need to quickly develop skill in the art of invocation.

This easily practiced form of ritual technology is appropriate for complete novices and magical adepts alike. If you are familiar with any kind of magick—Wiccan, Thelemic, Golden Dawn, Goetic, Chaos, or Hermetic—this book will provide opportunities to consider your practice in a new light, and take your magical experiences to a new level. Even if you’ve never practiced any magick before, you’ll be able to start immediately.

Hands-On Chaos Magick, by Andrieh Vitimus
Hands-On Chaos Magic
by Andrieh Vitimus

Low Magick, by Lon MIlo DuQuette
Low Magick
by Lon Milo DuQuette

Magic, Power, Language, Symbol

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - October 2011
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