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Magick Update,  September 2011

The Changing Face of Magic: Thinking Big Thoughts
by Brandy Williams 

All of us are shaped by many factors: genetic heritage, family structure, our generation, the culture in which we are raised, and how that culture views gender. As we move through the years our experiences also go into making us who we are. Magic gives us tools to cope with the challenges life presents, and like us, magic is shaped by many external factors. How do we keep magic moving forward in our current times? Brandy Williams, author of Practical Magic for Beginners and The Woman Magician, explains.

September New and Notable Titles 
The Woman Magician, by Brandy WilliamsThe Woman Magician
by Brandy Williams

Always the muse, never the magician—until now

For generations, women have had to channel their strength and power into the role of muse, priestess, or earth mother—and always in the shadow of male magicians. This groundbreaking book shatters outdated notions of the Western magical tradition and presents a new paradigm that celebrates and empowers the woman magician.

Drawing on thirty years of study and personal experience, Brandy Williams boldly revisions metaphysics from a female perspective. She introduces a new Magia Femina—a female-centered exploration of tradition, history, philosophy, science, culture, theology, and magic—and shares unique wisdom on how to live authentically as a woman and as a dedicated practitioner of her craft.

Williams discusses women’s roles in magic and philosophy throughout history as well as issues of gender, sexuality, feminism, cultural identity, God as divine feminine, the Qabbalah, and the evolution of such magical systems as the Golden Dawn and modern Witchcraft.

Offering a complete and workable ritual system based on Egyptian cosmology, The Woman Magician invites you to become a practicing member of the Sisters of Seshat, the first all-female initiatory magical order since the French Revolution. Experience powerful hands-on individual and group initiatory rituals, and help launch this new order into the greater world.

The Dragon Keeper's Handbook, by Shawn MacKenzie
The Dragon Keeper's Handbook
by Shawn MacKenzie

Practical Magic for Beginners, by Brandy Williams
Practical Magic for Beginners
by Brandy Williams

Modern Magick, by Donald Michael Kraig
Modern Magick
by Donald Michael Kraig

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - September 2011
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4. Signs, Symbols & Omens
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5. The Divine Arcana of the Aurum

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