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Magick Update,  September 2012

Rejuvenating Your Daily Rituals
by Jason Kitchen

The daily rituals are the most commonly practiced techniques by the modern Occultist, Beginner and Adept alike; for one to halt their practice altogether would most likely prove to be unwise. Yet, many would agree that the monotony of the day-to-day continuation can tend to become boring or even tiresome. The following are some techniques to rejuvenate the power and manifestation of your daily rituals, including the Lesser Banishing Ritual.

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September Notable Titles 
Magical States of Consciousness, by Denning & PhilipsMagical States of Consciousness
by Denning & Phillips

Available Once Again —  the Groundbreaking Guide to Qabalistic Pathworking

Pathworking is one of the most powerful techniques employed in the practical Qabalah, the core of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Llewellyn is pleased to bring back—by popular demand—Magical States of Consciousness, the classic text by renowned magicians Osborne Phillips and the late Melita Denning that first made the practice of pathworking widely available.

Revealed here are the methods by which deep dimensions of the human psyche may be reached—dimensions that give you access to profound knowledge and the power of creation. Ascend the Tree of Life to enter the Sphere of Tiphareth, the seat of the Higher Self. Train your mind and imagination, enhance your physical and emotional health, gain knowledge and spiritual initiation, experience adventure and self-empowerment—all through Qabalistic pathworking.

Designed for both the beginner and the established mage, this sought-after book includes the complete narrative texts for the inward journeys of classic pathworking. Plus, mandalas are included that serve as gateways to altered states of consciousness and magical images of the Sephirothic archetypes—the sources of mystical power which exist not only cosmically but in the depths of each person’s own being.

The Sword & the Serpent, by Denning & Philips
The Sword & The Serpent
by Denning & Phillips

Planetary Magick, by Denning & Phillips
Planetary Magick
by Denning & Phillips

Mysteria Magica, by Denning & Phillips
Mysteria Magica
by Denning & Phillips

Altars, Amulets, & Athames - August
Download Llewellyn's FREE New Worlds App! - Readers' Top Picks - August
1.  Practical Sigil Magic
      by Frater U∴D∴

2. Money Magic
      by Frater U∴D∴

3. Necronomicon Tarot
      by Donald Tyson & Anne Stokes

4. The Golden Dawn
      by Israel Regardie

5. Wyrdworking
      by Alaric Albertsson - Quick Links - August
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