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The Stephenville UFO Incident - The Stephenville UFO Incident - Paranormal Update - March/April 2008

As winter slowly comes to an end, it can feel like it's taking forever for nature to arise from its catacombs of rest. This is the time of year when we eagerly await the comfort of warmer temperatures. We gaze at tree tops and inspect for any signs of life, any possible leafy sprout, heralding the green opulence to come.

We are not the only ones who venture out of our sanctuaries as the season turns tranquil. According to Llewellyn author J. Allan Danelek (The Case for Ghosts), whose forthcoming book UFOs: The Great Debate (Llewellyn, 2008), UFOs, and the creatures that man them, like warmer weather too. Apparently, the winter months are too cold for them. The best time to spot a UFO would be late spring, summer, and early fall, and your odds of a UFO sighting increase if you live in the states of California, Colorado, or Texas. It seems like they have an affinity for mountainous regions, low dew points, and areas abundant with cattle.

One area with a copious amount of cattle is Stephenville, Texas. This small Texas town, with a population of approximately 17,000, is a leader in the agriculture industry and hailed as the dairy capital of Texas. Since January 8th, this relatively unknown town has become famous for dozens of reports of UFO sightings. The residents of Erath County (interesting that if you switch two letters, you have 'Earth') have received worldwide attention from the curious, paranormal explorers, and mystery decoders alike. We all want to know exactly what was seen. Assuming the prevailing question is about its appearance, I'm going to pose the question here: What does a UFO look like? Have you seen one? Would you know what to look for?

Based on eyewitness accounts by the residents of Stephenville (as reported by the Associated Press), the UFO was described as having very intense, bright lights. According to many, the UFO was a mile wide, silent, and flying very fast and very close to the ground. Yet, another person said the lights were a mixture of many different colors, changing shape almost every second, as if forming symbols. Perhaps the symbols are a way of attempting communication with us terrain-folk. But why would alien creatures communicate in a way they know we do not understand? If they really do exist, perhaps we have over estimated their grand, futuristic intelligence. Is it possible that they simply do not know how to communicate with us?

In an interesting twist, the government initially denied flying fighter jets in the area at the time of the sightings--practically scoffing at the idea. However, two weeks later, the government said they were, in fact, flying fighter jets around Stephenville at the time of the sightings. Why would the government first deny involvement, and then two weeks later, after all of the hoopla, admit they were there? As reported by National Public Radio, many witnesses saw the UFO being chased away by these dozen or so jet fighters. According to freelance journalist Angelina Joiner, a former reporter with the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, the witnesses believe they did not mistake the UFO with an F-16. The witnesses say they know the difference between a UFO the size of three football fields and a government jet. This, of course, goes back to my question in the previous paragraph. Maybe UFOs and their navigators cannot communicate with us because every time they try, they are chased away by our government. Conspiracy theorists: chew on that.

Yet, this conspiracy goes even deeper. Aside from the United States government twisting its story of involvement and telling witnesses they must have seen an optical illusion, they are apparently now threatening witnesses, especially witnesses of credibility (including military personnel, peace officers, and pilots). Ricky Sorrells was one of those witnesses, and he now claims he is being harassed by the government. Ricky has kept quiet since his initial interview with the Associated Press, and he has good reason. Since speaking out about what he saw, Ricky has been subjected to military aircraft flying at low altitudes above his house at all hours of the night, disturbing his family, his sleep, and his livestock. A supposed military official telephoned him demanding that he come out to Ricky's ranch to speak to him about what he saw, even after Ricky refused the visit. He even reported seeing an ominous looking man dressed in black standing at his ranch's gate and staring at the back door. Later, Ricky found a bullet on the ground where the man was standing. Could this have been a silent threat from the parka-clad stranger?

And what about the incident a little over a year ago at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, where 12 United Airlines employees saw a metallic, saucer-like craft hovering above the airport? As reported by National Public Radio, officials did not investigate and sought to cover up any eyewitness accounts, according to investigator and Chicago Tribune reporter Jon Hilkevitch.

So, what should you do if you come across what you believe to be a UFO? Based on information from Michael Curta of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), most UFO sightings last only a few seconds to a few minutes. Even so, it can be an adrenaline pumping, terrifying experience, for which he urges you to "remain calm!" Protect yourself from any dangers by hiding or ducking, and try to mentally record any details. If you have a camera, pen and paper, or voice recorder, utilize these items. Do not touch any traces of materials left behind by the UFO. Immediately after the incident, sketch any details you remember. If you must, simply run away from the area if you feel danger is imminent.

In any case, whether I am lucky enough to witness a glance of what Texans saw, or even a glimmer of light speeding across the night sky, I know that I will be enjoying the balmy nights of the approaching summer, staring at the gleaming galaxies and glittering stars above.

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