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The Paranormal:
A New Science of the 21st Century

by Philip J. Imbrogno - The Paranormal: A New Science of the 21st Century - Paranormal Update - September/October

"Paranormal" simply refers to something outside of normal. When we think of paranormal phenomena, the first things that come to mind are ghosts, poltergeists, and psychic communication with other worlds. However, there is another side to these strange occurrences that includes UFOs, alien contact, and the appearance of unusual creatures.

I am a paranormal researcher; over the past thirty years I have investigated every form of paranormal happening imaginable and have compiled an extensive library covering the details of my work in over 2700 case investigations. Despite this great amount of data, I am always amazed by the similarities of reports that span from hauntings to UFOs. Although I have spent quite a great deal of time chasing down strange happenings, my full-time profession is as a science educator; I have been teaching astronomy, earth science, and chemistry for the past 28 years. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, and this makes me one of the few UFO/paranormal investigators with a real scientific background. I try to use science as much as possible when conducting an investigation, but since we are dealing with what I believe is a new branch of science our instruments and the so-called scientific method breaks down when researching these so-called borderline sciences.

No matter how skeptical you are, there are three things that cannot be denied: that reports of paranormal experiences exist, that they persist, and they are increasingly occurring on a global scale. The same types of reports that we receive in the United States are taking place all over the world, including in places that are not influenced by the media of the United States and Europe. The cases are so similar that there is no doubt that people are seeing and reporting the same thing.

Although I have investigated all claims of the paranormal, my "expertise" in the field has centered on UFO reports. This is because I was the chief investigator during one of the best documented of all UFO flaps, the Hudson Valley UFO Sightings. The UFO sightings took place between the years of 1982-1995; thousands of people in that area of New York encountered something that they believe was not from our Earth; these sightings are documented in my book Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings. During the duration of these sightings there were reports of a giant UFO (larger than an aircraft carrier) that silently flew over ten counties in New York and three in nearby Connecticut. These were "typical" sightings of a UFO, but other types of reports that spanned the paranormal spectrum were also taking place at the same time, including the appearances of ghosts, outbreaks of poltergeist activity, and the appearance of alien and other strange creatures. These other cases were labeled "High Strangeness Reports" since they were not of the UFO ilk but took place during and after its appearance. It was as if the monstrous UFO opened up some type of doorway to a strange world, allowing our plane of reality to be bombarded with all types of phenomena. The High Strangeness Reports intrigued me and I investigated most of them, especially those that seemed to be an offshoot of the UFO phenomenon.

During my research I found a definite correlation between the locations of intense magnetic anomalies in the area and the paranormal reports. Also, although many of the people who saw the Hudson Valley UFO were from all walks of life, the majority had never before had a sighting. A very high percentage of the witnesses who had a paranormal experience (High Strangeness Report) had active or dormant psychic abilities, with many of them having similar encounters as a child or sometime in the past.

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Author Michelle Belanger Makes Onscreen Debut
on Paranormal State

by Llewellyn

Michelle Belanger, author of Llewellyn’s Vampires in their Own Words, Walking the Twilight Path, and the forthcoming Haunting Experiences, was featured on A & E’s show Paranormal State.

Michelle Belanger The episode, “The Messenger,” which originally aired on Monday, August 25, centers on a retired couple that witnesses a headless apparition. The prolific author and artist has been consulted on past episodes, but “The Messenger” is the first in which Belanger is onscreen. She has filmed three episodes, and will likely continue to be featured on the show in the future.

Paranormal State follows Paranormal Research Society founder Ryan Buell and his team of investigators as they investigate paranormal phenomena, including sixth-sense experiences, ghost sightings, and demonic disturbances. Founded by Buell in 2001, the PRS works on cases across the country and is one of the most recognized paranormal societies in the nation.

New episodes can be seen Mondays at 10 PM, 9 PM Central.

The episode “The Messenger” is available on YouTube, in three parts:
About Michelle Belanger
Michelle Belanger (Ohio) is a popular author best known for her writings on psychic vampirism and the modern vampire subculture.

A self-professed energy vampire, Michelle has appeared on the British documentary American Vampires, Peter Anthony Holder’s Soul Call, Coast to Coast, the X-Zone, as well on the History Channel, WE!, and A&E. She has also been interviewed for an upcoming HBO documentary about vampires that is set to coincide with the debut of the HBO series True Blood.

Michelle has lectured at colleges across the United States and occasionally tours with her Chicago-based dark metal band URN.

More information can be found at and - Paranormal Update - Llewellyn Journal -  September/October

Astral Projection: Why You Want to Leave Your Body
by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

It is easy for many of us to understand the many levels of our existence. There is our physical body, our mental capacity, our spiritual self, and what many consider to be the soul. The difficulty lies in reconciling these various portions of our being, into something we can identify as the "self." What exactly is the "self?" And how can astral projection help us expand our awareness of who we really are?

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What is a Ghost?
by J. Allan Danelek

The word "ghost" is ubiquitous in our society. From childhood graveyard sťances to campfire ghost stories to Hollywood movies, we grow up being very familiar with the term. However, can we ever really define what exactly a ghost is? There are many things we call ghosts that are not true ghosts at all: residual entities, for example, are not really ghosts, nor are most poltergeists. Even some interactive spirits are often not ghosts: spirit guides, for example, and those entities we refer to as angels and demons, along with a whole host of other non-corporeal beings, are also not ghosts, further muddying the paranormal waters and demonstrating the need to more precisely define the term "ghost" if we are to ever understand the things. So what is a ghost, and what distinguishes them from those other manifestations of the paranormal realm?

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Psychic Vampires
by Joe Slate, Ph.D.

Most of us are familiar with the traditional blood-consuming vampire, whether it be the fantastical picture painted by novels and film or those we may have met in real life. But what of those who feast not on blood but on energy? Let's face it—we've probably all fallen prey to a psychic vampire, possibly without even knowing it. It may have been a chance encounter with an energy predator that left us temporarily exhausted, or possibly a long-term vampire interaction with serious wear-and-tear effects on the mind and body. Psychic vampirism is alive and flourishing in the world today. Being that we may be completely unaware of an attack, how can we protect ourselves?

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If This Be Death

Chakra-Cleansing Meditation to Prepare for Mediumship

UFOs: After the Siege (1986) - Paranormal Update - Llewellyn Journal - September/October

Astral Projection: Why You Want to Leave Your Body

What is a Ghost?

Psychic Vampires - Paranormal Update - New Releases - September/October

Extraordinary Psychic
Extraordinary Psychic
by Debra Lynne Katz

Interdimensional Universe
Interdimensional Universe
by Philip J. Imbrogno

The Uninvited
The Uninvited
by Steven LaChance

Vampire Nation
Vampire Nation
by Arlene Russo

Walking the Twilight Path
Walking the Twilight Path
by Michelle Belanger - Paranormal Update - Readers' Top Picks -  September/October - Paranormal Update - Llewellyn News - September/October

New Worlds September/October

The September/October issue of New Worlds  is here!

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Gauss Meter
An instrument that measures electromagnetic fields. May be used in ghost hunting.

Omniscient Sight
The phenomenon of viewing things on the astral plane from simultaneous multiple points-of-view, or seeing the full 360-degree spectrum.

Vampire Surfing
A phenomenon in which experienced psychic vampires survey a group and draw small amounts of energy from large numbers of people.

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