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Invitation For "The Uninvited"
by Steven A. LaChance - Invitation For 'The Uninvited' - Paranormal Update - September/October

"…the gate to the carnal self is five-fold: sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. A demon can come in through any of the five gates by tempting the guard at the door. If the guard allows the demon in then the demon has authority to move about freely. You gave him this authority by giving up your free will to stand and rebuke the temptation."

– Chris Ward, Can a Christian be Demon Possessed? (1999)

The Uninvited: The True Story Of The Union Screaming House is the true and terrifying firsthand account of how my three children and I were driven from our Union, Missouri, home by demonic attackers. The house's relentless supernatural predators infested those around us. I consulted paranormal investigators, psychics, and priests, but the demonic attacks--screams, growls, putrid odors, invisible shoves, bites, and other physical violations--only grew worse. The entities clearly demonstrated their wrath and power: killing family pets, sexually assaulting individuals, even causing two people to be institutionalized.

Since the release of The Uninvited: The True Story Of The Union Screaming House, I have been asked numerous times, "What does it take to let a demon into your life?"

During my work with violent and sometimes demonic haunting cases, I have found there is always a clear "Invitation Phase" involved with letting such a force have access to and control of your life. The scary thing is that the "invitation" could be something as simple as a doubt, which plants the seed that could grow into a larger doubt, which then opens the doorway. Of course there are always the normal sins, too, which can also invoke that invitation.

What do I mean by sin?

A "sin" can be defined as simply as something that hurts another, for starters. For example: a husband brings infidelity into a marriage. Even though the wife might be aware of the affair, it may be hard for her to forgive him. Without completely forgiving her husband, she could be opening a door to let something negative into their life. It is always hard to accept responsibility. While the wife may feel that the husband is the only one who should accept responsibility (and sure, part of that responsibility rightfully belongs to him), she must be willing to accept her role in the situation by forgiving her husband or risk sending out a possible invitation that could lead to something "uninvited" in their spiritual life and home.

Addiction is another way to open the unwanted doorway. It is thought that the invitation is offered up by the alcohol- or drug-weakened mind's inability to control its thoughts. I was speaking at an event this past weekend where an individual shared their personal experience detailing this very thing. In the end, they almost took their own life. How did they save themselves? They took the responsibility for their actions and changed their lifestyle.

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The Gate of Life
by Michelle Belanger

Near death experience (NDE) is a phenomenon that has been reported from the teachings of ancient Tibet to the medical journals of the modern West. Near death experiences are remarkable in that the individual's experience does not stop with the experience itself—most experience profound, positive change in their lives. Michelle Belanger, author of Walking the Twilight Path, discusses how we can harness the empowering and beneficial experiences of a near death experience without trauma or risk.

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Encyclopedia of Angels
by Richard Webster

For Richard Webster, author of Praying with Angels and Uriel, among many other books on angels, angel communication has been a part of his life from an early age. Discover how his preoccupation with angels led to his newest book, Encyclopedia of Angels.

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Adventures in Teaching Clairvoyance: My Little Psychic Experiments
by Debra Lynne Katz

Is clairvoyance a special gift that few people possess, or is it a talent laying dormant in all our minds, just waiting to be discovered? Debra Lynne Katz, author of You Are Psychic, believes we all have psychic abilities that can be developed through practice. Here, she describes a few of her favorite experiments with students who are learning to uncover their hidden psychic traits, and she gives tips on how best to nurture your own natural clairvoyant abilities.

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Terror at Midnight

Mental Intuitive: Syncronicity

Creating Your Guardian Angel - Paranormal Update - Llewellyn Journal - March 2009

The Gate of Life

Encyclopedia of Angels

Adventures in Teaching Clairvoyance: My Little Psychic Experiments

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Haunting Experiences: Encounters with the Otherworldly
Haunting Experiences
by Michelle Belanger

The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation
The UFO Phenomenon
by John Michael Greer - Paranormal Update - Llewellyn News - March 2009

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    by Arlene Russo

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