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Are Paranormal Occurrences Real, or Are They a Trick of the Mind?
by Billy Roberts


Whether visiting a haunted location or simply sitting at our work desk, our mind—and our senses—can play tricks on us. So, what is real and what isn't—and how do we determine the difference when ghost hunting? Leading psychic medium and author of Ghostly Tales, Billy Roberts, explains.

  April New & Notable Releases
Ghostly Tales, by Billy Roberts Ghostly Tales
by Billy Roberts

A firsthand witness to an uncountable number of paranormal events, author Billy Roberts tells absolutely true stories that will leave you touched by otherworldly fear. Filled with poltergeists, murderers, and hair-raising spirits, Ghostly Tales is possibly the most frightening book you will ever read. Some of the spine-chilling stories included in this book are gruesome. Some are horrific. All of the stories will chill you to your very bones.

A dead man lurks in the land of the living, mystifying his family at his own funeral. An unassuming family, caught in the grip of a misbegotten crystal ball, becomes haunted by deplorable scenes of hellish atrocities. A cloven-hooved card shark interrupts a weekly poker game and terrorizes the players with evil foreboding. The dozens of stories in this book are absolutely true, and they all transcend the bounds of the imagination in a way that will have you afraid to turn out the lights.

Reincarnation, by Marilou Trask-Curtin
by Marilou Trask-Curtin

How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts & Spirits, by Debi Chestnut

Spirit Boards for Beginners, by Alexandra Chauran
Spirit Boards for Beginners
by Alexandra Chauran

Strange But True - April 2014
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Reader's Top Picks - April 2014
1. Spirit Boards for Beginners
     by Alexandra Chauran

2. Fighting Malevolent Spirits
     by Samantha E. Harris

3. The Vengeful Djinn
     by Rosemary Ellen Guiley &
     Philip Imbrogno

4. How to Clear Your Home of
     Ghosts & Spirits

     by Debi Chestnut

5. How to Do Psychic Readings
     Through Touch

     by Ted Andrews

Quick Links - April 2014
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This Month: April 2014

The Lost Lands, by Lucy Cavendish
  The Lost Lands
by Lucy Cavendish
Available May;
Pre-Order Today!

Atlantis, by John Michael Greer
by John Michael Greer

Lemuria & Atlantis, by Shirley Andrews
Lemuria & Atlantis
by Shirley Andrews

Tarot of Atlantis, by Lo Scarabeo
Tarot of Atlantis
by Lo Scarabeo

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